mamie's 21!

Entry #946, Tue, April 03, 2001, 20:35 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
So Mamie turned 21 today. She's already been up to all kind of troublemaking, including an (unsuccessful) attempt to buy alcohol at meijer at 11 pm last night. So I went to friday's with Mamie and a bunch of her friends. Entertaining time. I finally got around to trying their jack daniels steak. Very good. We got the friday's staff to do a good job of humiliating Mamie. But now I'm back at home and my graphics project beckons...

so it's been a birthday-filled several days. Branden on the 1st, Brian yesterday, Mamie today. And there's more coming up... so much to be keeping track of... now I just need to convince Mamie to come to senior bar tomorrow...
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