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Entry #951, Sat, April 07, 2001, 16:37 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
So Rob achieved the status of being my hero of the day on friday. He helped me figure out how to get 2.4.x to boot on realloc and recognize the trackpad properly. Next I had to figure out how to do mouse button emulation for buttons 2 & 3 in 2.4. Now my next goal is to get some form of power management functional...

Looking at digital cameras. I'm now determined to buy one before I go road tripping this summer. Cuz damnit, I've got a credit card for a reason. I'm considering the Sony DSC-S50. Seems to have more than enough image quality for me, plus people have been able to use linux to connect to it via USB. Which is key for me, since I want to be able to hook it up to my laptop and get pics off it. It's $600, but I think I'm willing to assume that much cc debt. I should have no trouble paying that off.

So I invited Annie to join me on the westernmost portion of my trip this summer. She seems psyched to come along, she's never been west of four corners. And it'll be good to have a driving companion. So the preliminary plan is that we'll leave CB after she graduates, hit zion, vegas, and whatever else on our way to the bay area. Hang out there a few days, then drive south along the california coast, and catch route 66 east. check out the grand canyon, meteor crater, and more and eventually get to albuquerque. I'll drop Annie off with our grandparents, and she'll somehow make her way back to CB from there, while I follow route 66 the rest of the way back to chicago and then return to south bend. The plan is to camp wherever is convenient, and hopefully bum some floor space off the kommune while we're in that area for a few days.

K2 hit 6000 miles yesterday. It now has more miles than Brian's car. heh heh. And my summer driving plans should add at least another 5500 miles to that. So I definitely need a digital camera before I do that. And I want to get a good sleeping bag. I'll also need to start saving up gas money.
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