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The Wonderful World of bItwIse2
Welcome, brave web-explorer, to the domain of bItwIse2, known also as Pete Rijks in certain circles, as esgeroth in others. Somehow, you've made it to my homepage. I shall now attempt to fill your brain with jargon, non-sense, and hype. Please sit back and enjoy.

[Apple IIc]
I am, to put it simply, a computer geek. I enjoy playing with C & C++ code, I am a computer science major, I manage one of the computer labs here on campus, and I even tutored someone in CSE232 - Advanced Programming. This is just a simple warning, so that you can still run away if you think the content of this here page will scare you.

Anyway, allow myself to introduce .... myself. I am Peter William Rijks, Belgian-American computer science major at the University of Notre Dame, currently in my second year here, and my fifth year in the United States. I grew up near Frankfurt, (West) Germany.

!I am currently giving this page a complete face-lift. I hope you do not encounter any broken links, but if you do, please forgive me.

I have links toward the bottom of this page, including a link to my huge links page


One thing that people tend to think of me is that I am weird... I have yet to understand why. In my opinion, they're all weird, and I'm the only normal one around! But I digress. Insanity, in some forms, is quite entertaining. I can't wait to go senile...
Aliens entertain me. Not the type they have in the movie with that Wynona Rider character, but the type that walk across web pages. I think I have a page of alien links hidden in my www space somewhere...

[golfball.gif] This is me and my struggle against the rest of the world. Or so life seems sometimes. But alas, I've grown used to the small instabilities of life, and, all things considered, I'm usually pretty happy. Some people call me too optimistic, I call myself sane. Who knows? Anyway, I write a lot. Next to computers, writing is my favorite thing to do. Click here to read some of the bizarre things I've put on paper.

OK, this page has features that have been subcategorized. Feel free to browse my various subsites:

Writing... man is the animal which communicates. Speech, art, w riting. I write, therefore I communicate, therefore I am.

Toons and such... I love Asterix. And when I get a chance I like to read marvel comics or watch anime. Think what you will.

UNIX... Probably the best feature of this web page. I've wasted a lot of time trying to learn as much about unix as possible. So I set up a page to help others get started...

Football... though I've never really been much a fan of watching sports, I've developed an interest in football of late. A great game of strategy it is...

Aliens... I have a great fascination with the paranormal. 'nuff said.

Gallery... pictures of various sorts that I have collected off the web.

Links... no, I am not afraid of the outside world... and I give you this opportunity to go there.

Quotes... I love reading fun quotes of famous (and not-so-famou s) people... I've collected quite a few here for you.

Politics... I have sort of a hobby interest in politics...

Pete... c'est moi, in case you wish to learn more...

Pictures... a silly page, filled with pictures of me, my family, my friends, and Boba Fett.
I spend a lot of time at work and at my dorm answering UNIX questions. In order to make the whole process easier for some frequent questions, I've put a unix page online which has instructions for all you ND unix freaks on how to forward your mail, switch your shell, or switch to xwindows (fvwm2 is my favorite). Anyway, if unix is what you need, this page has some of answers... [sparc.gif]


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