Pete's Web History - Disclaimer

The content made available at and its subpages is presented for historical purposes only. None of it should be taken at face value.

The pages presented are all webpages created by Pete Rijks, primarily during the period of 1995-2002. These pages were hosted at a variety of sites/domains, including,,,, and Other than, those sites have all vanished.

As a believer in the small web / non-commercial web, I think there's value in keeping these pages available, even if some of the content is embarrassing to me.

Some of this content was created in my teens and early twenties. My opinions have evolved since then. More specifically,

  • I am no longer "anti-Microsoft"
  • I no longer identify as Libertarian
  • I still enjoy Queen, but not nearly with the same passion as I did in the 1990s.

Additionally, while the bulk of this content was created by me, the copyright situation may be murky in a couple cases. In particular,

  • I did use some clipart found on the web, especially in the very early stuff. I have no idea where I found it or what sort of license it may have had.
  • The Crested Butte Academy website was created as part of the Digital Storytelling Festival and hosted at That site is now defunct. I'm pretty sure I'm ok to host it here, especially since I created it, but any disputes should please be sent to prijks -- at --

Content has been lightly modified as needed. No actual content has been changed, but links have been updated to be relative to and a header with a link to this disclaimer has been added to all pages.

None of the archived pages (as of 2020) are mobile-friendly. None of them were mobile-friendly when they were created, so it would not be true to their history to change that.