Welcome to KLUE4

Brief Description: KLUE4 is a user-contributed, customizable, random sentence generator.

Reason: There is none.

Author/Mastermind/Scapegoat: Pete Rijks

Disclaimer: The database that drives this site is open to contribution from anyone. Thus the author can make no guarantee for the content of generated sentences. The potential is there that users will be offended. Proceed at your own risk.

Contribute: Add words to the database. If you would like to suggest new categories for words, please email Pete.

Play: Create your own random sentences

List: List the words currently in the database

History and lengthy description: Sometime in 1995 or 1996, during my senior year in high school, I wrote a program called KLUE for my TI-85. The goal was to generate random arithmetic problems and time how quickly a user could type in the right answers. Lame, but I'm a geek. I never finished it though.

KLUE2 was written shortly thereafter, most likely the same night. The idea came while writing KLUE that a random sentence generator would be a great way to amuse myself during classes. So KLUE2 was born and has been on my TI-85 ever since. It kept me amused during boring classes up through graduate school. Shows you just how much I've matured.

There's no real KLUE3, but I attempted several times to write a C version of KLUE2 but always ran out of interest when it came time to create a database of words to choose from. So my inspiration for KLUE4 was that the internet is vast and thus why should I bother coming up with a database of words myself when I can just rely on bored internet surfers to populate such a database for me?

And thus on November 28, 2000, KLUE4 was unleashed on the world. I seeded the database with 100 or so words of my own, and within a day my friends and their friends had added a few hundred more words, exceeding my expectations. Contributions tailed off over time, but over the years random internet strangers continued to send me category and phrase suggestions, as well as add more words. Let's see what the future holds.

(Description updated Oct 24, 2007 and again on Sep 6, 2020)