Pete's Web History

I have collected here, for your viewing enjoyment, a few past versions of my web page... since so much effort went into them, destroying them would seem a crime against... um... somebody, i'm sure.


The content below is old. 20+ years old in most cases. It was created by a much younger me. Some of the opinions I still hold, some of them I don't. I am making them available here because I think it's important that we hold onto the early web.

Many links are broken. Read a longer disclaimer here.


Putting this archive back together brought back a lot of memories. Read more here.

Front Page History

Each link below represents the front page of my website at a point in time. The contents of my website changed less often than the front page design, so in many cases the links from the front pages below will link either to a different front page design, the content archive which you can find below this table, or in some cases to "current" pages within this website. Table is in reverse chronological order.

TitleDate (approximate)Notes
fvwm2 2007ish I think I had grander visions for this iteration, but didn't make it much past redesigning the front page to look like some fvwm2 windows.
Space 2004ish This is one of the first iterations of my webpage in the post-ND era. I think this is when I really got to understanding CSS for the first time.
The boring, non-graphical page Late 1999 This page appeared during yet another one of my lynx phases... and is probably some kinda protest against its predecessor (which did not last as my front page very long)
The Annoying Page late 1999 I'm not sure if I was trying to be intentionally annoying or if I was just excited to play around with JavaScript and colors and other html features and it just turned out annoying. Either way. It's annoying.
The green on black page Early 1999 nothing special about this one except that it is green text on a black background...
Pulse Fall 1998 I still really like this one, but it took forever to load over a slow connection, and some people seem to find it rather annoying...
Summer 1998 webpage Summer 1998 this is the page I apparently used during summer of '98.
Some goth variety of page Early 1998 this is where my memory starts to be kinda fuzzy, I remember this one, but don't remember exactly when it was in use...
A page from fall of 96 Fall of 1996 The fall of 1996 was my first semester at ND and so my first chance to establish a web presence at Be warned that this page includes under construction icons, frames, animated gifs and a lot of Microsoft hate. And webrings. It is somewhat representative of a mid-1990s personal home page. My archive of this page long ago fell victim to a mishap that deleted all .html files in all subfolders. Luckily I had used the .htm extension for some files and I was also able to restore some of the missing files via Still, lots of dead links.
Pete's first webpage everOctober 1995 So some history. In October, 1995, several Crested Butte Academy students, including myself, were asked to participate in the first ever Digital Storytelling Festival (dead link). Part of what we were to do was participate in some of the activities, but mainly we would be taught how to make webpages and would make a webpage for the Crested Butte Academy. This was before Navigator 2.0 came out. The newest version at that time was 1.1N. Anyway, I was nominated as the dude to learn html, and I wrote all the html for the academy page, which was designed by myself, Sarah Block, Natalie Angell, and Noel Bauer, with help from Mark Frost, Crystal Waters, and the people at CB Interactive. As part of this page I intended to create a page for myself, which I did, but never had time to finish during the time of the festival. So the boring page above is officially my first personal web page ever.

Content History

In many cases the front page of my webpage changed more often than the contents within it. For the most part the content did not share a harmonious design with the front page. So instead of replicating content within each of the pages above, I have consolidated it below as it makes sense to and linked to it from each of the pages above.

Aliens I was obsessed with aliens for a while...
Duct Tape I used to have a duct tape wallet. Actually, I still do, I just don't use it anymore. Sadly this page doesn't mention it. Maybe the wallet came later.
Links If you had a webpage in the 90s, a links section was just one of those things you did... or at least that's the impression I had at the time.
Liberty I want to make it very clear that I am no longer a libertarian. That being said, this is part of my history.
Pete (1) An autobiographical page from my junior year of college. Last updated summer 1999.
Pete (2) An autobiographical page with some pictures. Includes the first version of Pete's Log. Last updated early 2000.
Queen I was really into Queen in the 90s. I maintained this Queen links page. Last I checked, pretty much every link was dead...
Quotes I maintained a quote database for a while
UNIX During my sophomore year (fall 97/spring 98) I worked at the CCMB (Computer Center/Math Building) computer lab. It had 25 Macs and 10 Sun Sparcs. It wasn't a very busy lab, but I did get a lot of UNIX questions, so I was inspired to make my own UNIX help page with ND-specific details.
I think there were more recent versions of this page, but this is the most recent version I've found in my archives.
Writings Stuff I wrote back in the 90s and felt the compulsion to share online