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Please read the disclaimer. I was really into Queen in the 1990s. I spent a lot of time collecting Queen links and putting them online. While I still enjoy Queen, my musical tastes have expanded since then.
As these are all links from 20+ years ago, expect many of them to be dead. Last updated 1998ish.


November, 1998: Wow... I have reached the 10000 hit mark. I certainly am impressed.
Woohoo! Apparently somebody decided this page deserved some weird award. I was rather surprised when I got the email. Take a look at the bottom of this page for more info. Plus, there are rather a few good queen sites linked off of the award page thingy. Enjoy.

I hope I have restored most of the links I lost in that 'incident' a while back. If not, my apologies.

Welcome, fellow Queenies. This is my attempt to get together as many Queen links as possible. If you have a page that isn't on here, mail me at

Disclaimer: I am not in any way responsible for any of the pages these links point at. I will try to keep my links updated, but if you find an outdated link, please inform me in a friendly fashion
You are Queen fan to this page since 12-16-96.
My personal Queen stuff include my Queen pics page and the Delilah Appreciation Society official web page.
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Queen: At the BBC


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Tribute to Queen

Bienvenue au royaume de Queen

Queen's homepage (By Ohad Green)


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Queen Page

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Queen Page

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Freddie Mercury

Queen Lyrics

The Queen Trivia Quiz

Queen's Fan Page

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Tributo Uruguayo A Queen

Sarah's Queen Page

Queen Discography on real audio

Magic Web

Lair of the Black Queen

Allexperts Queen Q&A

Damiano's Queen Page

Queen Guitar Archive

Royal Legends

The Ogre Site

Mike's Stuff

Roger Taylor Web Page

Peter Hince Editions

Italian Queen site

Queen Webworks

French John Deacon page

The Ogre Site v.2

Queen Karaoke Site

Innuendo: A tribute to Queen

Calimero French Queen Site

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