Below are a few open source projects I've released over the years.

Recent and/or useful

  • rb-mqtt-plugin
    Rhythmbox plugin to post current song info to MQTT
  • TypeScript
    A few utility types I've created for TypeScript
  • camlpiler
    A library for dealing with SharePoint CAML expressions in a dev environment (e.g. on a local development web server without SharePoint). I have reused this in several SharePoint JavaScript applications.

Not so recent or not so useful

  • colorama
    JavaScript page for playing with colors.


(We're talking 20+ years old here)

  • pgtc
    Pete's Gnome Time Card, a timetracking utility I wrote and used for a while several decades ago
  • blinky
    Basically an inside joke, but this is my contribution to blinky, a program to make the cursor blink, intended for use with vim.
  • ~/cse/random/
    Some highlights of my ~/cse/random/ directory from my college days