Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML) is an XML-based language used in SharePoint for querying lists, defining views, defining list fields, and other tasks.

Camlpiler is a JavaScript library that will take a CAML query and convert it to a filter function that can be applied to JavaScript objects.

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Use Cases

Building a Dev API

The primary motivation for creating this library was to make it easier to create a development API that could mimic requests to a SharePoint server. Basically, in a React app deployed to SharePoint, I was using a local store of JavaScript objects to mimic the production store in SharePoint. This was easy to implement for basic operations such as get/save/delete, but ran into a problem when searching/filtering because that required dealing with CAML.

Validating CamlQuery syntax (not ready yet)

SharePoint in general does not give helpful error messages when presented with incorrect Syntax in a CAML query, whether it's malformed XML, a misspelled element name, or any other sort of error. While this is a secondary use case, and not the reason I wrote this library, I do hope that as this library becomes more feature complete that this will become a potential use for it, especially for the case of generated CAML queries.

Getting Started