My cse (computer science & engineering) folder in my AFS space back in my Notre Dame days was my home for all my code. Among other things, it had subdirectories for classes, projects, research and contests. And also a subdirectory called random.

The code in this directory goes back to at least 1997 (maybe even older in subdirectories). Some of it was me just experimenting. Some of it was me creating utilities (often compiled to ~/bin which was added to my path) to supplement what the Solaris machines in our computer clusters offered. There was no google or stackoverflow at the time to find the proper way of doing these things, so the path of least resistance was usually to just write a quick C program. Served me well enough at the time.

Since I still have all that code, I figured I'd put some "highlights" of it here. Please remember that this code is old and that I'd do things differently now. But that's what makes it interesting. Maybe.