pgtc: Pete's Gnome Time Card

pgtc is "Pete's Gnome Time Card," a simple time-tracking utility I wrote in 2000 because no other tools out there did exactly what I wanted. I wanted a tool that I could use to keep track of the hours that I work on certain projects, so that when it comes time to fill out a time card, I don't have to sit down and remember exactly when I worked, but can instead just have pgtc draw up a list of times worked that I can copy right onto the timecard. I figured others may find this tool useful as well, so I have released it as free software under the terms of the GPL. Enjoy.

The source code is available on Codeberg.

The current version is 0.2.0, released on Feb 27, 2000.

pgtc has been tested under Linux (debian potato) and under solaris (2.6) using gnome-libs 1.0.54 in both cases.