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Welcome! to my collection of annoying html tricks and funky color schemes.
Purpose shall, god willing, be infused into it at some later time. Purpose, that is, other than to share with you the top-secret ways to literaly output latex special characters.

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#cat latex_special_chars.txt
Character  Purpose                           Input for literal output      
    \      Special symbols and instructions  $\backslash$
    {      Open group                        $\{$
    }      Close group                       $\}$
    %      Comments                          \%
    &      Tabs and table alignments         \&
    ~      Unbreakable space                 \~{}
    $      Starting or ending math text      \$
    ^      Math superscripts                 \^{}
    _      Math subscripts                   \_{}
    #      Defining replacements symbols     \#


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