In the 90s, I collected the free CDs that AOL and other ISPs sent out into the world in massive quantities trying to sign you up. I would hang them on the wall for decoration. And I made a detailed page with lots of pictures of my collection. I called it my frisbee page, because sometimes I'd throw them down the dorm hall like a frisbee. For whatever reason, that page didn't make it into any of my own archives, and only a single image out of all of them got saved on So it will have to represent all that was lost.

What follows is the text on my original frisbees page, retrieved from the link above

Hi there!

I am a collector of "frisbees". The pictures below show the frisbee with which this sickness began. Unfortunately that frisbee has been lost to the forces of entropy.

I do however have several frisbees hanging on the wall in my room. I try to have one "good" copy of each design, and I then mutilate most of the duplicates. A few unmutilated duplicates hang on the wall shiny side out, to add glitter or something to the whole thing. Hopefully I can someday get a camera and take pictures of the wall. I simply scanned the frisbees directly.

Anyway, have a look at the frisbee below and then click here to begin the tour.

Unfortunately, an encounter with a wall proved that this frisbee isn't the most robust thing. But I loved it anyway, despite the huge chunk it's missing.


To pad this page out a little, below are some of the actual frisbees (and/or discraft discs and/or Innova discs) I own. The signed frisbee was a going-away gift from the folks at Munich TT Ultimate. Unfortunately they chose a marker that smeared easily, so some of the signatures became smudges before they even gave it to me. But I am still very fond of it.

Frisbees Signed Frisbee