Pete's Log: what have I created?

Entry #661, (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)

I'm getting worried. The latest klue4 hits number (minus my own hits) is now 1927. Now I can blame some 400 or so of those on Tony and another 400 on somebody using some machine. But that still leaves more than 1000 hits. But as people have pointed out, I shouldn't be surprised that my friends are as easily amused as I am. But I'm surprised at how many unique hosts have hit klue4. 24 unique ND hosts have hit klue4. Even more surprising is that 14 hosts have hit klue4. Someone at hit klue4 130 times. So I fixed the contribute bug Tony found. I looked at the database this morning. People have contributed a lot of words. There are now more than 300 words in the database. There were less than 100 after I initially populated the dbase with words of my own. So this is proving to be a great source of entertainment. People have added some funny stuff to the dbase. Yay people. There's one problem. The default category that shows up on the pulldown list on the contribute page is "place" ... and people frequently forget to switch the category when they contribute. So I regularly have to remove non-place words from the place category. Oh well. I'm gonna go play some klue4 now. There's a lot of new words to amuse me now.