Pete's Log: life

Entry #660, (Life in General)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)

qu'est-ce que je fais? Why am I awake? The easy answer is that the remote for the tv in my room sucks. You see, it's like this: I get home from bw3's and I watch tv for a while. Let's see. Simpsons. Drew Carey. That 70s Show. Titus. Dark Angel. About that time I start thinking about trying to wind down, try to fall asleep early. Yeah freaking right. But let's see how that goes. Watch some show about mount rushmore on the history channel. Begin falling asleep as the show ends. The only thing between myself and falling asleep before midnight is getting my tv turned off. And the remote fails. By the time I get the tv turned off, I'm wide awake again. So here I am, it's over, I'm wide awake, and it's 1:17 again. So I'm watching more SLC punk. Definitely worth purchasing on dvd, I think. We'll see.

But more important things demand my money right now. A car. A motor vehicle. Automobile. Inde-fucking-pendence (on wheels!). So let's see rationally what's the deal. What are my needs? I need freedom. Specific requirements to achieve those needs: need something that does well on road trips. But the primary use is probably gonna be driving between CP and campus. And I want dependable. I can't afford a car that'll fuck me over on a regular basis. So I'm definitely looking at new. Deep in my heart I want a truck. But I have no rational reason for owning a truck. It'd be a less practical vehicle at this stage in my life. It'd be more expensive to buy, and it'd be more expensive to own. So the next idea is SUV. Kinda like a truck but not, right? Well, they cost more. And they're so very poser. I mock others who drive SUV's in places where there's no reason to. Back home there's a reason to. But I'm gonna avoid hypocracy. SUV's are less likely to be considered now than they were during earlier thought processes. So turns out a normal car thing would probably best suit my needs. Good gas mileage and all that. Will meet all my requirements for the next few years or so. And I can throw a ski rack on the top and be able to carry my skis around and be able to feel like I'm still connected to the rocky mountain lifestyle I'm so desparately trying to hold onto. And the several thousand dollars I'll not pay would definitely make a difference.

I'll think more about that later. SLC punk is nearing the end. It's 1:31 am. As is likely at times like this, I'm pondering life. I'm thinking those "deep" kinda thoughts that aren't. I'm only kidding myself if I think I'm anything other than a simple person. And I'm happy with that. Screw depth. But maybe I'll share some of my undeep thoughts.

I called home tonight. It seemed as good a thing to do as any other since I wasn't falling asleep. Got some good input on the car idea from Mom. I was amused to find out that my parents pretty much expected me to decide to buy a car before the end of the semester. I certainly wasn't expecting me to. It's amazing how much better they know me than I do.

Who am I rebelling against? I don't think I ever rebelled against my parents. There was never a reason to. They've been nothing but good to me. But I've always found that being different is, if nothing else, a good way to keep life interesting. Which probably is a sure sign I'm a poser. High school: definite rebellion. Rebellion against my peers. How do I do this? Well, easy enough. I didn't drink or do drugs. That was the easiest way to be different. Other than that, computers, star trek, and sports and other random stuff was the main content of my life. Oh, and I listened to Queen, REM, and the KLF. Since nobody else did. Oh yeah, and since it's good music.

One of the most hilarious parts of SLC punk is in the wyoming liquor shop. The entire scene is awesome. But when, after being told the punks in his store are from england, the liquor store owner asks them in a real slow, well-enunciated voice "you boys enjoying your stay here in the good old U.S. of A.?" I can't help but crack up even more than during the rest of the scene. If you've witnessed this phenomen in real life, you'll know why. The movie ended. I "rewound" to the wyoming scene. It's a dvd. In case you were wondering.

How about college? College is when I adopted the whole punk life style. I discovered punk rock (courtesy Arun), discovered that the lyrics really appealed to me, and found a new way to be different. Which shows only one thing: I'm a poser. But that's cool. I'm happy. But again, punk rock was (still is, I suppose) rebellion against my peers. My parents ended up having absolutely no problem with the mohawk I sported for a while. They probably laughed at me behind my back. Well, actually, I'm pretty sure my dad openly mocked me, and granted, it is a silly look. But it's fun. And that's what matters.

So Ramzi Bualuan has asked me to teach class on friday. I'll talk to Dr Jesus Izaguirre tomorrow to see if I can skip numerical. Friday, if I were to lecture, I'd talk about the STL and I'd do TCEs. Might be an entertaining venture. I'll brainwash the sophomores yet.

So let's see. Not counting hits from me, klue4 has now gotten 773 hits. Tony discovered a bug in the contribution code. I'll fix that tomorrow. But it seems that I'm not the only person who is easily amused. 786 hits now. People must still be awake and wasting time.

So what with this car thing, and everything else going on, I think I'm pretty content with life, even if I don't fall asleep anymore. Maybe I know a reason that's keeping me awake. But I won't worry about that too much. Well, maybe I will a little.

It's 2:20. I've turned off SLC punk. The klue4 tally is now up to 929. I'm out.