LaTeX Special Characters (Simple)

This page exists just because I wanted to make my front page mobile friendly. Read the background on this whole thing here.

The table of how to escape LaTeX special characters has been front and central on my home page for many years now. When thinking about how to make my page mobile friendly while still maintaining the table, I found myself stuck for a while. Eventually I realized that I could simplify the directory listing by omitting the '-l' flag and also leave out the "purpose" column on narrow screens. All this was easily accomplished with some css to selectively show/hide parts of the output. And now I am happy with how my homepage looks on mobile and I didn't have to get rid of the LaTeX special characters cheat sheet.

Character Input for literal output \ $\backslash$ { $\{$ } $\}$ % \% & \& ~ \~{} $ \$ ^ \^{} _ \_{} # \# < $<$ > $>$