I redesigned in August of 2020. It wasn't until a month later (Sep 28, 2020) that I thought I should document where I got the colors from. This is from memory, but I think it's pretty close.

This website uses a color scheme based on the bright green of this text. The hexidecimal RGB color value is #41FF00.

The inspiration of this particular green is my memory of what the monochrome display of our Apple IIc looked like. The specifics were filled in by stackoverflow. The original Matrix movie and various dark IDE color schemes may also have influenced the green on black idea, but #41FF00 comes from the stackoverflow link above. I've reproduced its details at the bottom of this page.

Tints and Shades

To derive the main background/foreground colors, I used tints and shades of #41FF00. If you have JavaScript enabled, you can play with those below. To better see that these are tints and shades, I will include the color values in HSV. #41FF00 has the HSV value of H: 105, S: 100, V: 100.

  • #E4FFDB (H: 105, S: 14, V: 100)
    • Foreground color for header text (background in hover mode)
    • Background color of text content boxes
  • #0E3700 (H: 105, S: 100, V: 22)
    • Foreground color of text content
    • Background color of page

Complementary Colors

In addition to the tints/shades above, I also found a few supposedly complementary colors to #41FF00. These are

  • #6A00FF (H: 265, S: 100, V: 100)
    • Links in body text
    • Borders of content boxes
  • #00FFF2 (H: 177, S: 100, V: 100)
    • Breadcrumb and footer links
    • Links on black background

525 nm

Green monochrome monitors for the most part used a Phosphor known as P1. The peak wavelength of P1 was either 525nm or 528nm depending on which internet source you ask.

Going from a wavelength to an RGB value is a bit tricky for a couple reasons.

  • Wavelength represents a "pure" color as found in nature. RGB is based on human color vision.
  • Wavelength doesn't give you any information on brightness.

This website has an algorithm for converting a wavelength to an RGB value, as well as a FORTRAN implementation. The RGB value generated will be one of maximum brightness. So the brightness may need to be adjusted.