It used to be that you discovered new webpages by clicking on links in webpages you liked. When I first started reviving this website, the idea felt a little antiquated. But then I started putting in the effort to rediscover the small web and it was kind of tough going at first. But once I had a foothold, I found links sections were still a thing and actually incredibly helpful.

So here's me doing my part. More to come!


If you're a friend and have a personal website, please email me the URL!


Tech News

20 Year Club

The links below are links from any of my old webpages prior to 2001 that are still alive as of 2021. Corporate pages don't count. The percentage of links that survived is well under 10% (I haven't done the exact math). So kudos to these survivors.

Below are links that belong to the 20 year club that were linked from Pete's Log