A brief history of Paxmoondi

Sometime in June of 1997, Peter Rijks declared his dorm room independent of foreign rule, and named himself emperor thereof. He declared this to several unknown people on the internet, who undoubtedly cared little for this venture. The CIA failed to show up at Pete's door, and Pete did not follow up on his venture.

Then, on July 26, while working a rather long shift at the Hesburgh Library Computer Cluster, Pete found several webpages dealing with "micronations." He decided then to follow up on his declaration of independence. He returned his dorm room to the control of the United States, because it was a rather sorry place, and he would be leaving it soon. He thus became a government in exile, without any land. He decided it was time for his country to accept the idea of democracy. Later during the night of the 26th, several new citizens joined, and the first Emirates were formed. Those being bItLand and Lapinia. Over the following days, an official name for the country was voted on, and several new citizens joined, and several new emirates were formed. The new name for the country was United Paxmoondi Emirates.

On July 28, the first draft of the constitution was presented to the citizenry, most of whom seemed fairly content with the document. The UPE would become a constitutional monarchy, with Pete as Emperor sharing executive power with a president. The legislative power would rest in a bicamural congress.

On July 29, at 19:19, war was declared on the irc channel #cuddles, for insulting a friend of the Emirates. #cuddles was offered a 24 hour ultimatum to surrender and apologize. Instead, #cuddles began hostilities at 19:27 by tickling a citizen of the UPE. Fighting followed, during which several citizens were banned from #cuddles, leaving the Emperor and citizen Dave Hillstrom alone in the hands of enemies. Dave Hillstrom bravely defended his Emperor, and has been awarded the medal of honor. However, the Paxmoondi were gravely outnumbered, and at 19:35 a shaky cease-fire was established. Later, it was decided, to end all quarrels with #cuddles, and to strike them from the list of enemies of the empire.

The first presidential and congressional vote of Paxmoondi is scheduled to take place on September 1, 1997. Until then, Emperor Pete shall rule with the approval of the citizens.

Emirates thus far, and their respective leaders.

  • bItLand
    Governor = bItwIse2
  • Lapinia
    rabbitgoddess = Jelliebun
  • XPhilia
    D-Scully & F-Mulder
  • Arcadina
    Czarina of Arcadina = LadyGrey_
  • Dillonia
    Doyenne of Dillonia = PrimaDonna
  • Thunderia
    cultleader supreme = Mamie
  • Wiggleria
  • Silent Creek

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