In order to prohibit to the federal deposit!

This is a garbled version of an essay I wrote called "Ban The Federal Reserve!". Using altavista, I translated it into french and back into english, then german and back, portuguese and back, spanish and back, and italian and back.

Or: the hidden control

Appearing it is not sufficient, of the way this the government he them increases of S.U.A. the heavy commandos to satisfy the relative citizens. Bloated to win that the estimation of our government necessarily they them politicians to observe with other solutions of reinstallazione around the money gave the form. This alternative, that one that had found in very famous an historical secret with the pseudonym of the inflation.

This one can be paranoico similar of the theory of the conspiracy, but the government of the S.U.A., in the contribution with the batteries, to the applications the inflation, is distributed which, the end to magnify to fill to relative with the moneies.

The batteries, of the loan more of the external part of the money have then really, magnify them to fill with the artificial moneies. Exactly if, if all it had the necessity of the money, it did not put more likely hard to the batteries for the low point, the feeding of the batteries would stand out quickly to something. The batteries survive, only because the greatest piece of the people about whom its money thinks, to be safe to the battery. Not really here small, the one that executes its money, is. The moment, if to indicate it boxes the interior of a battery more, loans of alternatamente of the battery he still to the external part. But it is not sufficient. The external part does not lend the greatest piece of the batteries, for each dollar, of that if it establishes, less than 10 dollars. They are the transactions of transactions of the banking transaction of the rupture of the deposit, one of the preliminary causes of the inflation.

The politicians had come to those include / understandoperationen the battery of the rupture of the deposits and begin (under aspect for the restitution of the system of the most constant battery) a structure of the central banking activities, of that they can control and benefit of the inflation. It is the objective of the federal deposit. It registers in relation to which the end asks for the guarantee to prevent to remarkable people of the collapses he battery appreciates the point under plus the product during the end in years 30.

The objective hidden of federal permetter to him of the obligation of the deposit nevertheless the government the end to magnify to fill with the moneies with the will. Present modernity a whole of different paper is only used of that, of which is publication printed in the function. Without using something concrete, present modernity, the government more money can print all the marks, that he demands.

Nevertheless because it has an increase " of the value " in the country, the value of the dollar is reduced. The government and the batteries influenced of this, had acquired the money, because, the uniform if the dollar he evaluated wertIST little, had gained the additional dollar enough (because imprimió), ignited of the amortization of the value of the dollar is in the cover of the order.

In great those they do not repair the bourgeoisies, ingualmente of the inflation not hard, because little ingualmente more dollar (nevertheless in the value) finishes to these received people and the effect to the external part.

The people, of whom this satisfied, is untereren and the small bourgeoisies. This person does not see an increase of the dollar of the number, that one that she has, already having but in the right of the station of the work of a depreciation the dollar he.

They had executed people, the end to think that the inflation was malvagit2a inevitable and that only the dispersion of having it of the tin of the government with an acceptable minimum. It is an error. The government, in all the cases, can only magnify the inflation. If of present modernity a gold nevertheless but used gold (or you still to improve, a present modernity, that is explosion of the classified batteries) and with a prohibition they could a battery of the rupture of the deposits, the inflation one what of the experience if she becomes.

The new commerce, with that one the FDR our country of the sustenation of the end more under possible, is a great example of interposition of the government. If something to extend itself simply, s-program of the FDR of the government ' the lowest end, hiding some the symptoms. If one had the post office of the economy in the left, could lower the end for the short circuits, when, only the country would be cured and uglier of the one than the war that was relative it had the necessity to consolidate the industry.

In Weimar Germany, when people had begun to execute themselves to the batteries had come to the external inflation of the instruction. The money was werdenes to the fastest sans.valor, that one than quintillion could be printed in 100 the enormous indications of marcature. The problem was, not he done of which the economy came to lack but that the government tried to make the examinación of the piece. The politicians include/understand German the forces of the inflation and because people more money had had the necessity of, had not thought about the politicians who the thing the more better possible end to select the thing of the conclusion, of more money would have that will be imprimirá. In order to give the people, of whom what it demands. That plus him the value of the marcatura has diminished of course still, silence, of that cause the demand for the money with more. If the government not to print easy more money, the economy since then to being parallel. In the place of this sinked.

The president Bill scandal Clinton of the S.U.A. can be encircled from the, but line of the thing during in the office has formed one. It has left the economy relatively intact. The economy of the S.U.A. guides saw you thunder and the economists have difficult moment that they explain why. " the government you donate not make nothing..., that he cannot increase the economy! " he is with precision, why the labels of the restaurant outside- ploughs poured. The government maintains the relative hands excluded in to order you work. This tendency is interesting you see how much teams can continues, before that the avarice or stupidity the causes the interposition.

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