More Roswell Explanations

This is a garbled version of a news story about roswell conspiracies. Using altavista, I translated it into french and back into english, then german and back, italian and back, portuguese and back, and spanish and back.

05:17 P.M..  And 06/29/97 of Floridian can be redheadcélérat of
believers of the UFO
TO LIMIT ITSELF, Fla (Reuter) - Joe of whom Kittinger, this one he was made examinación in Florida, the examinación of the f4ez of pastimes and of the anniversary never is here with suspecté one that was a general figure in a theory of in great of the conspiracy.
Then a captain of the aeronautics of the indicated United States and Kittinger orders, if he all facticex diminished, ignited in the test of the collapse for the aerostats for high Roswell end of the height, new Mexico of the city of the fall.
``About 50mal, ' ' Kittinger visualized. With this the aeronautical one was one more a phase term, of that the books of the relative in the circumstances that of cerium of scrofa in the flight, where it and in coverups is closed other Autopsien the government with Roswell.
In order to leave to the life anthropomorphous and without 68-year-old the Kittinger, when it is communicated here, f4olatré a strong title of red hats, taken the personnel of the captain in a relative uniform and amused the figures.
This fixed buoa a writing to it for the mysterious captain of the directed colloquy, a figure célérate in annals of UFOlogy, that it equips inside, that of that believers spirited distant separated the other victims from scrofa that of Moscow the cerium of the supplica, of that engolido 1947.
If many places of observed the Internet interior in, this one they are dedicated Roswell, the ritrovamento to dúzia of the references in the captain of the direct colloquy. In many books they are publicati of ingualmente and reenactments of the film and the television in believers of the test, they were therefore that there were lost before the restorations nonupdated a voltage of segretezza in these bodies of the extrangeiros, of that one they were not different during 50 years.
crock of full S one of ``It ', ' ' Kittinger visualized. ``We the necessary data (facticex) and we must ristabilir it GONE to which disturban to us. If the glance to mean a zone of the cereal inside in means or to the night is he, that one that happened ' '
Roswell this week commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of an example, of which the aeronautics does not have the necessity in produced all. To indicate Kittinger in the relative published above cleaned bringing -- the condition recently ``The Roswell: In order to obstruct aforesaid ' ' -- the hopes had been closed of the aeronautics to control the end to the house.
Exactly if Kittinger the description of the captain of the modified direct colloquy for particular requirements -- the relative machine of the hour of the answer congratulates the computers main with the words ``Hello, run with her house of the man of the secret of the UFO ' ' -- was not to wherever near Roswell, when cases 1947 had given the form or they had not happened.
But one became fullfilled here years getting up ' the 50, connoisseur of which the aerostats of the height if it is worried and with the jumps of the parachute are, tests of prominenti in the function, if atronauti they could survive a day of the rectangles of the parachutes that they eliminate of the edge of the station of the work.
It uses the summaries of the aeronautics that, when the phenomena of the UFO still have looked like like the popular subject in the Siebzigern the inhabitants of the entangled Roswell memory of the cases, that one they era separated until the years and repaired everything to a 1947 newspaper of the title in the subject ' ' of a disc of the flight amused ' ' in the track inculta.
The aeronautics, of that visualized it in the first place, made cerium of scrofa in the flight, to clear fastly for will refrán was introduced that the disc was really an aerostat of the high height.
More ahead than it goes deeply itself, attempts, still that are that the visualizations. Enthusiastic of the sample of the UFO a remarkable person of coverup of the aeronautics.
``People that creates, of the way this one demands, ' ' Kittinger, of which it stops having of familiarit2a is. most of ``Too of the easy f4ez of people too many many around the money of the theories of the conspiracy of Roswell, to the summaries of the resistance of the air the end to receive around ' '
Pero Kittinger arrests a direction of the tendency in the relative paper pled in history.
Without the account of this with of the answer, doormat, from that the visualizations ' ' favor2avel receives UFOs and the squares ' '
And it receives that it can, day it is, it found more for something, the one that the form did not give until many things.
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