Peter Rijks's Bookmarks

Please read the disclaimer. This is apparently my actual Netscape bookmarks file from way back in the day. Seriously, the doctype of the file was NETSCAPE-Bookmark-file-1. Last updated in March of 1998. Odds are high these links are dead.

random yahoo

nifty queen stuff

Mike's Home Page
Sheri's Queen/QMS WWW Page
queen pics

nifty antims stuff

Organize Anti-MS
Macworld Online Software Library
The Seventh Floor "20 Minutes Into The Future"
The official Anti-Microsoft homepage
Boycott Microsoft

Nifty News sites

My Yahoo! news summary for prijks
Welcome to Times Newspapers Ltd. Internet Space



Lupo's Web Site: Hamlet, Act I
University of Notre Dame Home Page
University of Notre Dame Home Page
Dennis C. Jacobs
EG120 Home Page
Physics 127: Fall 1996 Course Schedule

nifty friends pages


nifty irc stuff

IRC Help - On

nifty mac stuff

nifty news sites

MacInTouch Home Page

nifty software


Maelstrom Add Ons

INFO-MAC HyperArchive ROOT

nifty mags


Macworld Online
Macworld Software Collection

Extreme Mac
Appleholics Anonymous
The Boffo MacOS Helping Hand
PISM: Providing Internet Services via the Mac OS
El Grande Mac Hacks Page
Mac WWW: Tools: Servers
Macintosh WWW Resource Directory
MadMacs Home Page
New MacHTTP Home Page

nifty humor

Toiletology 101: Basics
Wrecked Humor Collection
The Hitchhikers Guide to Star Trek - Part 1
Gag Room: best jokes/humor site on the net)
Deb and Jen's Land O' Useless Facts
The Comic Strip

nifty important stuff

Chain Letters

nifty stuff back home

Peter Rijks
RSN Resort Cam - Crested Butte, Colorado

nifty technology


nifty random junk

The Royal Crown
Froggy Page

Product Registration



nifty pics

TJ's Supermodel Celebrity Pictures
AARDE Marilyn Monroe Gallery

Line Around the World
Pitz's Place
K.Chee's Tips to FVWM and Other Cool Stuff
webdog's Internet Conferencing - Text Based

nifty conspiracy theories

Children and the Internet
Toys-R-Us Giraffe Threatens to Sue Web Page
Blacklist of Internet Advertisers
The Infamous Krill Report - DisInformation?

nifty sports type thingys

IRISH SPORTS REPORT: Sunday, September 15, 1996
USTSA Rules of Play

NOmsIE / Personal WBS Home Page
Copyright and Disclaimer Notice for LHI Technologies, Incorporated
Heavy Ordnance The Roleplaying Game.
Star Trek: WWW
Ultimate Animanga Archive
Andy's Netscape HTTP Cookie Info w/o nuts
Apple Computer: Let's Start with the Facts