Please read the disclaimer. This is the very first version of Pete's Log, which consisted of static HTML updated by hand. It lasted about a year before it was converted to a more dynamic php-based solution that lives on to this day.

My log of activities... mainly for my own use, so I can remember what i've taken care of, and what still needs taking care of. since i love putting files of this sort in html, i figured i'd add it to my webpage... teehee.
October 9, 1999 just returned from running and such and was playing mp3's (using xmms) and i was reminded of when i used a combo of amp and a shell script i wrote in order to get a good random mp3 thing going on. i was reminded because a particular op ivy song came on that had been somehow "favored" by my randomness generator. it didn't get played at a more frequent interval than other songs, but when it did get played it always got played at least twice in a row, usually three times, and sometimes four times. this was a definitely reproducible behaviour, and i've always meant to look into it, but since then i've updated to a different version of awk (which played the key role in said shell script) that no longer works properly with the script. which is one of the reasons i now use xmms and no longer get to witness some of the quirks of pseudo-randomness... oh well.. peace out.
october 8, 1999 i have just returned from the nd class of 2000 computer science vs. computer engineering keg race. cpeg won, but only because they cheated. =) anyway, they think they're cool, but eventually they're gonna realize that they just can't handle the abstraction!!!
October 7, 1999 well, i only got 2 hours of sleep last night, but i turned in a kick-ass forth interpreter. today was long tho... two classes, three meetings, and my TA hours in the lab from 7 to 11. of course, between 7 and 9 i was asked barely any questions, but the sophomores managed to keep me busy from 10:30 to 11:30... almost missed news radio! oh well. time for some algorithms and then maybe a little sleep if i'm lucky.
October 5, 1999 well, went to the women's soccer game today... ND beat michigan 4-1. go irish! brought my automata book and got a good amount of reading done ... getting away from computers is a good thing from time to time... and what more need i say other than "mmm... ponytails..."
October 4, 1999 programing languages test tomorrow... woohoo!
October 3, 1999 set up procmail and such. created an automated mailing system called pap, which is short for "procmail automated pete". it's svelte. for more info, send a mail to with a subject line of "pap: help" (without the quotes, of course)
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