Pete's Log: All Your Road Trip Are Belong To Us

Entry #1037, (Travel)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)

Or: "the American (south-) west for the attention deficient"

Replenishment of the Soul ...

Over the past twenty days I have driven 6507.2 miles through 13 states, checked out four national parks and various state and city parks, become a Sugar Ray fan, visited a bunch of friends and family, spent some quality time with Annie, taken over 200 megs of pictures, and overall had a ton of fun.

I've witnessed the varied beauty and wonder of nature on a small corner of God's earth, and I've witnessed the diversity of human activity thereupon. And I've taken detailed notes.

Pictures for the trip will be posted as soon as I make it to campus and can upload them at a reasonable speed.

Day 1 (Thursday, May 24, 2001)

Miles: 740.8; Trip Total: 740.8

The plan was simple: be on I-80 by 10:00, and follow it west until Omaha, Nebraska, then find B.J. Rozman. What happened instead: I was on I-80 by 10:45, then took a detour: I80 -> I294 -> I90 -> I39 -> I88 -> I80. Due to construction and congestion in Chicago, I missed the spot where, in order to stay on I80, I had to exit the road I was on. Oh well.

In Iowa, I felt that the state of Michigan had been evacuated, I saw so many cars with Michigan plates. There was a while where I was seeing many more Michigan plates than Iowa plates. Something must have been afoot.

I Arrived in Omaha at about 21:30 and easily found Offutt Air Force Base, where I met up with B.J. Met several of his friends (Jerry, Andrea, Michelle, and Romeo) who seemed like very fun people. B.J. was leaving for Turkey for a couple months friday morning, so he was going to stay up all night, and sleep on the plane. The remaining details of my visit there are unimportant, but I had an entertaining time. At about 2:15 I was still wide awake, so I decided I was going to make it west of Lincoln, NE. Then about 3:30, my halfhearted attempts to find a motel room fail, so I drive another couple dozen miles, then pull over to a rest area and curl up in the back seat.

Day 2

Miles: 708.8; Trip Total: 1449.6

At 9:30 I awakened from my five hour power nap. I hopped into the front seat and off I was again. But I was actually surprised at how well I slept, given the circumstances. Good to know for future reference. I had but one goal: to be in Crested Butte by 20:00 mountain time, for the premiere showing of Annie's movie "The Pudding Project" ... I knew it was going to be close. The drive across Nebraska was uneventful, other than a switch from central time to mountain time, but I got all emotional when I crossed the Colorado border, and then even more once I could first see mountains on the horizon. It doesn't take much to make me happy, just huge piles of rock, really. I tried to take some pictures out of the car window while driving, but most of them didn't turn out too well, so I discarded them. But a few of the later ones turned out pretty good. I took I70 west out of Denver since I wanted to get home quick. I'd never driven that road in K2, it was exciting. Having only driven that route in cars with big engines before, trying to convince K2 to climb those hills really made me appreciate just how big the climb right out of Denver is. I had a fun game: just how high can I take fourth gear? Not that I got to really find out, there were times where even fourth gear wouldn't be able to get above 55 miles an hour. But I was definitely reminded as to why I'd bought a manual transmission (other than the obvious fact that they're more fun).

Oh and I noticed that I was passing Buffalo Bill's grave right outside Denver, after having passed by some other big Buffalo Bill site somewhere in Nebraska. You'd think I was taking a Buffalo Bill tour or something.

I no longer buy anything about the economy going downhill. Just about every truck I saw had a sign on the back saying they were looking for drivers. Driving a semi doesn't seem like a bad fallback career option to me: I like driving and have no problem sleeping in the back of my vehicle.

Then I almost took Cottonwood pass across the divide, before remembering that I'd probably abused K2 enough for one day. So I took Monarch pass instead.

Made it to Crested Butte just in time for Annie's movie. It was a very entertaining film, I'm proud of Annie, it's apparent a lot of work went into the movie. My only suggestion would be that they should've spell-checked the credits. But there was a pretty good turnout, they didn't completely fill the Center for the Arts, but there was a good crowd.

Then I ended up hanging out at Danica's house with Annie and Danica for a while. That was amusing. Danica had a Me First and the Gimme Gimme's cd. We listened to it. It rocks.

Day 3

Miles: 22.7; Trip Total: 1472.4

I slept in today. It was great. Then I got into town just in time to see Pearl Harbor with Mamie, Annie, and Clay. I thought it was a good movie. I felt that the love story was overdone, at times it detracted from the movie, but overall the film was very enjoyable. The action sequences were definitely pretty amazing, I thought. I don't think it lived up to my expectations, though. But that's ok. One thing I definitely liked was the way I felt they tried to show the human side of the Japanese, that the Japanese were not simply a force of evil.

After the movie, Clay ditched us, but we ran into Danica. After grabbing some pizza, Annie, Danica and I came to the condo, where Annie showed me where my Less Than Jake "Greased" cd was. I'd been missing it for some time, and was ecstatic to be reunited with it. We then listened to the cd. It was as good as I remembered.

Then Annie and I met up with a bunch of other family and friends at the Rozman's for a celebration of birthdays for Mark, Evelyn, and Richard. I got to see a bunch of people I've not seen in a while (at least not since the last time I was in CB). I let Annie play with my camera, so I've got a bunch of pictures of people. While there I also watched Game 1 of the Stanley Cup series, Avs won 5-0. Woo!

Then Annie and I headed to town where we threw a football around in the streets in the dark. After a while we got tired of the dark, so we threw it around inside the post office for a while. Then we found Danica yet again, and she threw the football around with us for a while, before we decided to play hackey sack instead. So we played hacky sack in the dark on the streets of CB. Various people (most of whom knew Annie) stopped and played with us a little. Good stuff. Fun day.

Oh my God, I love the stars. They're so beautiful. I need to live someplace where I can regularly see the stars.

Day 4

Miles: 35.3; Trip Total: 1508.3

Today I went to mass, where the graduating seniors in the parish were recognized. Then we went to Annie's graduation, which lasted longer than I'd have liked, but that's the way these things usually work. Then a reception afterwards at the Depot. So congratulations to Annie, she's now all graduated and stuff. Then we ended up at Moon's house: cousins Mark and Clay; Annie and her friends Moon, Danica, and Nina; and Nina's friend Emi (sp?) from Brazil (who spoke excellent English, and who wants to go to Notre Dame). An entertaining time was had.

I got a lot of good pictures today. Many of these pictures were gotten by letting other people play with the camera.

Day 5

Miles: 36.2; Trip Total: 1544.5

I think the highpoint of today was watching "A Knight's Tale." This movie kicked so much ass, it was everything I was hoping for and more. This movie was one blatant anachronism. Basically a teenage soap opera type of movie, set in medieval times where jousting has become the national pasttime. This movie blended all the best elements of your typical teenage romantic comedy with elements of NASCAR, professional wrestling, and fake medievalism. It rocked. I laughed so hard, so often. "Well, the Pope may be French, but Jesus was English!" And I have to admit, considering what this movie was, I thought the acting was more than decent, and the action sequences were definitely cool.

Before the movie, I went by the Alpineer and bought some camping supplies. I'm psyched to own some of this gear myself now.

After the movie, we went to the Rozman's for dinner. A fun time.

Day 6

Miles: 566.2; Trip Total: 2111.1

Early departure from Crested Butte. Got K2 serviced at John Roberts, had breakfast with Mamie, Mom, and Annie, went shopping, paid my car insurance, and then Annie and I hit the road. We took US 50 west out of Gunnison, stopped briefly at the Black Canyon, then caught I-70 west out of Grand Junction. Stopped in Green River, UT for lunch at a nice little campground. Also played some hacky sack there. Then we drove all the way to the west end of I-70. I always thought it went all the way to the coast, turns out it just dead-ends somewhere in Utah. We then grabbed I-15 south and made our way to Zion National Park, where we are camping tonight. On our way to Zion from I-15, we drove through a little town called Virgin, which we found quite amusing, especially Annie, and especially when we passed a store called "Virgin Goods".

I discovered today that K2's cruise control will give up if it falls below ten miles an hour lower than it was set to. While this definitely makes sense, I still find it kind of irritating, since if you're going up a hill, you may not notice that you're gradually losing speed, until all of a sudden the cruise control turns off and the car slows down in a major hurry as the engine suddenly finds itself with no gas.

Day 7

Miles: 281.3; Trip Total: 2392.4

Zion: a Hebrew word that means "A place of refuge" or some such. Zion National Park is one of my favorite places of the world. In the middle of the desert of south-west Utah, the Virgin River has cut a deep canyon into the earth. The Virgin River is, I believe, the steepest river in the U.S. and the Zion Canyon is filled with a great diversity of ecosystems and life. Truly an amazing place.

It has been far too long since I slept outside. Woke up at 8:30 after a great night of sleep. We had breakfast, packed and cleaned up our campsite, and began a busy touring schedule of Zion National Park. They've added a convenient shuttle system to the park since I was last there in order to cut down on traffic. We took the shuttle up to the Zion Lodge and hiked the full Emerald Pool trail, about three miles. We then had lunch at the Lodge. After lunch we rode all the way to the last shuttle stop, and did the Riverside Walk up into the narrower canyon. After that, we rode the shuttle back down, stopping at most stops to look around. At the Weeping Rock stop we hiked up to the Weeping Rock. By 16:30 we left Zion.

We arrived in Las Vegas at about 18:30 local time (which is now Pacific time), grabbed some food, then drove down the strip right as it was getting dark. We parked somewhere near the southern end of the strip and walked up one side and back down the other, spending about 3.5 hours admiring the various shows going on in front of casinos.

We finally left Vegas and took US 95 north for about 66 miles before finding a place to camp: a rest area near Amargosa Valley, NV.

Day 8

Miles: 549.6; Trip Total: 2942.0

The tent got far too warm, far too early for a good night of sleep. I ended up waking up after maybe four hours of sleep. So after breaking down camp and such, my first order of business was to buy a map of California. I had decided to take US 95 north out of Vegas because I knew San Francisco was generally northwest of Las Vegas, and US 95 was the only major road out of Vegas going northwest.

Once I had a map of California, I was able to formulate a better plan of attack of how to drive west from Amargosa Valley to get to San Francisco. I ended up deciding to take US 6 into California, then catch US 395 to CA 120, which led through Yosemite National Park. So we lunched in Yosemite and looked around some as we drove through. CA 120 was a really fun drive, not just through Yosemite, but also up to Yosemite and down again afterwards. Interstates are cool and all when you're in a hurry, but the smaller highways have so much more character.

CA 120 dumped us into the San Francisco area interstate system, I think we took I 205 to I580 to CA 13 into Berkeley. Then without map assistance I managed to find my way to the UC Berkeley campus, I was impressed. After that, however, I had some issues finding Fort Awesome, since nobody there was answering the phone and since the sun was low and making it impossible to read street signs. But I found the place, and then found Perk and Frick, who went to dinner with Annie and I at a Persian Restaurant, which was quite good. We then met up with Arun on Telegraph and wandered around a bit before returning to Fort Awesome, where we lounged briefly, before all those with real day jobs decided to go to sleep.

Oh, and I'm not entirely sure I approve of how CA and NV do mile markers. It seems like they may be more informative, but I've found the markers to be harder to read, especially in the dark, than the standard white on green. Also, I don't like the fact that the mile counts reset in every county instead of only at state borders.

Day 9

Miles: 41.6; Trip Total: 2983.6

Today we slept in, which was nice. Nobody was around when Annie and I woke up, so we got into the car and drove to Alameda. I was actually impressed by my own city driving and navigation skills, I found my way without much trouble. I've improved much since my first haphazard attempts to drive in traffic. From Alameda we caught the ferry to San Francisco. There we ate lunch before wandering around Pier 39 and such. Then we took the tour of the USS Pampanito, a WWII submarine I'd toured the last time I was here. Still fun. Then we looked into catching a ferry to Alcatraz, but they were all sold out until after the last ferry back to Alameda, so we simply returned to Alameda and drove back to Berkeley. Nobody was at Fort Awsome, so we bummed around town a bit, I am working on improving my understanding of Berkeley geography. Then we found people. Arun brought Emily to the kommune. So we all went out to dinner at a brewing company on Telegraph. They had some good beer, and the food was pretty good too. And we played some foosball on a Tornado foosball table! Then we just hung out at the kommune for a while.

Day 10

Miles: 39.7; Trip Total: 3023.3

Upon waking up, Perk, Annie and I headed to UC Computer on Telegraph to help Perk with some ppp issues on his computer. I got ppp working, but the modem was not being consistent, so Perk's gonna get a new modem. Afterwards, we had lunch at a Thai restaurant, then bummed around Telegraph a bit. I bought a Sum 41 and a Sugar Ray CD at Rasputin. Then we headed into San Francisco, and bummed around Golden Gate Park a bit, playing on the playground equipment, playing hackey sack, and watching a large drum circle, among other things. Then we picked up Katie Moor from a BART station, then met Arun, Julia, and Frick at Amoeba Music on Haight. I bought another Sum 41 CD there, since the one I'd bought in Berkeley didn't have the song I really liked. We bummed around Haight a while, then went to Kan Zaman for dinner, where Emily met us. After dinner we headed to Golden Gate Park again and did some massive group hacking. We even had some passers-by join us. Fun. Then we returned home for the night.

Driving in San Francisco was interesting. Starting a stick, when on a steep hill at a stoplight, with a car pulled up right behind you is definitely interesting. I stalled K2 for the first time of the road trip in San Francisco. But not on a hill. In a perfectly flat area with no traffic: I had left K2 in third gear after stopping at a stop sign. Doh! But I managed all the hills just fine. I can see, though, how if you lived in a city like San Fran, you might want to drive an automatic.

Day 11

Miles: 251.7; Trip Total: 3275.0

Today got off to a slow start. After sleeping in again, Annie and I headed to Telegraph once again, where we bought stuff for Mamie at an anime store. Then after a lengthy departure process, we finally were on the road again. We drove north of the bay where we caught CA 1 (or 101) across the Golden Gate bridge. We then just stayed on CA 1 south for a while, driving right along the ocean most the time. CA 1 is a very fun road. We stopped in Monterey and watched Shrek. I was expecting a funny movie with excellent CG animation, and that's what I got, though the humor was more subtle and intelligent at points than I would have expected. Good flick. We then drove south a while longer and at about midnight pulled over into Kirk Creek campground in Los Padres National Forest, right by the ocean. The moon is nearly full, the stars are out, and we can hear the ocean. Beautiful.

Oh, and K2 passed the 10,000 mile mark today. Yay K2!

Day 12

Miles: 483.4; Trip Total: 3758.4

On the road again. We continue south on CA 1, with frequent stops to check out the scenery. We stop at this place "Hearst Castle" since we'd seen lots of signs for it. It turns out to have a huge, full parking lot, and a giant visitors center, crowded with people. Tour buses are filling up, and we're without a clue as to what this place is. But the visitors center has nice bathrooms, so already the stop is worthwhile. We finally discover that way up the hillside is a huge castle, built by William Randolph Hearst, some wealthy publisher guy. We left without actually seeing the castle, but I've added this to my list of places to return to and explore some day. We had lunch at Hearst State Beach.

Back on CA 1, I had an odd encounter: there was some construction going on, and I pulled up to a flagger who was pointing a stop sign in my direction. After some time, during which no cars came from the opposite direction, he flipped his sign to say slow, and I proceeded. After a couple curves, I encounter a red convertible going the other way, in this one-lane area. The flaggers had failed us! Can nothing in this world be depended on?

We stopped by the UCSB campus when we drove through Santa Barbara, and Annie talked to the UCSB people briefly.

In Santa Monica, we stopped by a friend of Annie's, Jesse Zwick, son of Ed Zwick, who is apparently a film person of some note, having been involved in the production of Traffic and Shakespeare in Love, among other things. Apparently Ed Zwick was actually nominated for an academy award recently.

After a brief drive around downtown LA, we headed east, away from our friend, the pacific. We made our way to Joshua Tree, which is now apparently a National Park, and no longer merely a National Monument, as it was the last time I was here. The moon appears to be full and is quite bright, which is cool, since the last time I was in Joshua tree was during a full moon as well, and the place certainly is memorable at night during a bright moon.

Day 13

Miles: 491.4; Trip Total: 4249.8

I had some issues today with my left knee: all the clutching I've been doing over the past two weeks has led to a bit of soreness in my knee. But a little stretching seems to have fixed the problem.

This morning we bummed around Joshua Tree a little bit before heading towards Arizona. I had a fun time looking for route 66, since it's not anywhere on the maps I have and I didn't want to try and look for it on my way out of LA. But in Needles, CA, I found route 66. Trying to follow it, it seems it consists only of brief sections of pavement at a time. So we stayed mainly on I40 instead, but had constant encounters with route 66. Some day I'll download directions on how to actually stay on route 66, and will attempt to follow it in its entirety. For now, it's fun just to get a general idea of what it does.

We arrived at the Grand Canyon sometime before 19:00, so we got to see it in the evening sun. I must say, the Grand Canyon certainly lives up to its name, the thing is enormous. It's cool. I think the Grand Canyon National Park is also the most developed National Park I've ever visited. It's extraordinary. But I guess the place probably does get a good chunk of visitors...

We camped at Ten-X campground in the Kaibab National Forest, right outside the Grand Canyon National Park.

Day 14

Miles: 31.2; Trip Total: 4281.0

Haha! Friends, I have seen the Grand Canyon, and let me tell you, it is Grand! Today we just bummed around on the South Rim, taking the free shuttles to various points along the rim. I quickly gave up trying to capture the canyon in pictures, though I still ended the day having taken a decent number of pictures. The canyon is simply one of the most breath-taking, awe-inspiring, and especially humbling sites I have witnessed. Words can not do it justice, and simply spending one day at the edge just isn't enough. I really want to come back some day and hike down to the Colorado river. Someday I will return and give the Grand Canyon a proper visit. But for now, I'm glad simply to have seen the thing.

We also got some quality hackysack time in, while waiting for the shuttle at the many stops we got off at. I think I may actually be improving a little. At the end of the day, we stopped by the visitors center and bookstore, and I bought two silly items: A National Parks Passport, which is a very touristy thing, but still cool to have, and "Desert Solitaire" by Edward Abbey, which is a silly thing for me to buy, since Abbey's political views kind of frighten me, but it's been good reading so far ... more on that at some later date, hopefully.

After dinner and reading a little, we headed into Tusayan to see if there was anything exciting going on. The best we could find was a McDonalds, which actually turned out kinda interesting. It was almost like a fancy restaurant inside, with antique decorations everywhere, and a fake fireplace. From where we sat it didn't even feel like a McDonald's since we couldn't see the counter and such. Crazy. We got McFlurrys as a dessert of sorts. Then the bathrooms were interesting too, the toilets had signs attached to them saying "reclaimed water -- do not drink" which is definitely an odd thing, it makes me wonder how many people consider drinking the toilet water at McDonalds ...

Day 15

Miles: 432.0; Trip Total: 4713.0

We departed from the Grand Canyon at about 9:00 this morning. At Flagstaff, AZ, we again encountered our friends Route 66 and I-40. We took I-40 east to Albuquerque, stopping for a while at Meteor Crater, AZ. Definitely a neat place, it's a huge hole in the ground, the crater of a meteor impact some 50,000 or so years ago.

Though privately owned, the Meteor Crater site is run very well as a public site. There's a museum, free lectures and guided tours, and, of course, the crater. And apparently all the Apollo astronauts trained at the crater.

We got into Albuquerque before 17:00. We were greeted by Oma and Papa, and Annie was promptly informed she had to go shopping: Mom had set up an interview for her at some school in Santa Fe, and she'd need proper attire. So we went to the mall. I hung out at a bookstore while Oma and Annie shopped. After that was successfully completed, we returned, had dinner, and then I had my first shower since leaving the Bay Area. It was luxurious. Then Annie and I headed to Bob's place and hung out there for a little while, then we found Brian's apartment and hung out with him for a little while.

Slowly, the trip is coming to an end. Already, I'm done camping. I miss it already.

Day 16

Miles: 4.4; Trip Total: 4717.4

We got up bright and early this morning to visit the College of Santa Fe. Oma and Papa drove us down there, we toured the campus, and then Annie spoke with some people there. Seems they've got a good program for theater and film stuff, but I'm not really the person to judge such things. The campus was kind of interesting. Their main building and library and dorms were kind of the typical thing I think one would expect at a small college like this. Then they had this really impressive new art building that was really neat architecturally. Then behind that they had old army barracks and trailers that they were using as the rest of their buildings. Apparently the land the school is on used to be an army base. Definitely an odd contrast of architectures.

Once we got back into Albuquerque, we stopped by Zuna and checked out the new equipment they got since I was last there. We stopped by the Sisson's again later that evening, so I got to see Ryan, along with the rest of the family again. Then we found Brian again and went to a Denny's and had a good meal there.

Day 17

Miles: 418.3; Trip Total: 5135.7

Took off this morning from Albuquerque, leaving Annie behind. She's been fun to have around on the trip. A last minute decision was made to call Isabelle Howe, and I ended up driving to Lubbock, TX to visit her and spend a night. Very cool, Isabelle is a neat person, it's always fun to visit her, and I think it's been at least three years since I've seen her.

I stopped in Tucumcari, NM for some supplies, and had a fun conversation with a woman from Georgia who was on her way to Reno for some kind of bowling competition. I also saw that the Tucumcari High School cheerleaders were having a car wash. I was tempted to pull over for this, but opted not to. Probably for the best.

Arrived in Lubbock at about 16:30. Isabelle, her brother, and his wife were busy in the backyard putting a new roof over her patio. I got to witness (and provide trivial aid to) this process.

Later, Isabelle took me on a tour of the Texas Tech campus. I must say, it is a beautiful campus. Most of the buildings are architecturally similar, and just look very nice. The campus also featured a large engineering area, each engineering discipline with a building of its own, all of them clustered together.

When we got back, game seven of the Stanley cup playoffs was underway. Colorado won, 3-1. Go Avs! Isabelle's brother and his wife live near Denver, so the three of us were cheering for the Avalanche.

I've had a great time visiting with Isabelle. I'm really glad I came this way.

Day 18

Miles: 975.2; Trip Total: 6110.9

Wonder and beauty are everywhere, sometimes you just need to stop and take the time to look. Since it was recommended by both George Coppinger and Isabelle Howe that I take a look, I stopped at Palo Duro Canyon, near Amarillo, TX. Quite a remarkable place. Driving through the grassy plains of the Texas Panhandle, you encounter some slight hills and suddenly find this fairly large canyon opening up before you. I didn't stay long, just long enough to marvel at nature.

Today was for the most part an uneventful driving day. Drove from Lubbock to St Louis, MO. Left Isabelle's at 8:00, stopped at the canyon, took a detour between Oklahoma City and Tulsa, had some issues finding George's place, but in the end I was victorious.

George and I went in search of beer or taco bell, but failed, so 7-11 merchandise it was. Then we watched Dungeons and Dragons, a silly, but amusing movie.

Day 19

Miles: 0.0; Trip Total: 6110.9

The first day in a long while that I've not driven at least a few miles. Quite nice. I woke up sometime in the early afternoon, then after grabbing food headed into downtown St. Louis, where George and I toured the Anheuser-Busch facilities. George had never done the tour, despite living in the area for many years now. It was quite fun. The tour was free, and they give you two free "samples" of beer at the end of the tour. The samples were actually generous, probably 8 oz cups. A fun outing.

We then rented a couple movies, following a Matt Lillard theme: SLC Punk, which is just a great movie, and Wing Commander, which is silly and such, but amusing in that way. We also watched an episode of voyager and went to a bar called Harpo's for a little while.

Day 20 (Tuesday, June 12, 2001)

Miles: 396.3; Trip Total: 6507.2

The End. I'm back in South Bend.

George's Dad took us out to lunch. It was fun meeting him, he's an interesting person. After lunch, we returned to George's place, where we watched the Series Finale of Star Trek: Voyager. George had it on tape. It was kind of neat. I'm glad to have seen it.

I left at 16:00 or so. During my first hour of travel, I managed to drive 25 miles. I never want to live in a place where rush hour is a regular part of life. The apartement is more or less the same as when I left it. Except now there's a large pile of mail (the physical kind) for me to sort through. And I have several hundred email messages to deal with. I think deletion shall be my savior.

You just can't mess with a man's salad. Word up.

K2 K2 did very well. I came pretty close to doubling the mileage on my car. I'm very happy with how the trip went. Of little use to others, but of interest to me is K2's gas mileage, so I'm recording that here as well:

                    odo    gallons   price    sale     mpg
Mishawaka, IN:      6882    9.363    $1.869   $17.50   37.59
Williamsburg, IA:   7292   10.901    $1.779   $19.39   37.98 *
Alda, NE:           7681   10.262    $1.949   $20.00   35.28 *
Keensburg, CO:      8035   10.031    $1.919   $19.25   40.76
Gunnison, CO:       8453   10.254    $1.999   $20.51   39.60   
Joseph, UT:         8830    9.520    $1.799   $17.13   36.24
Las Vegas, NV:      9153    8.912    $1.899   $16.92   34.62
Tonopah, NV:        9397    7.047    $2.049   $14.44   40.30   
Berkeley, CA:       9805   10.125    $2.099   $21.25   28.85
Carmel, CA:        10085    9.704    $1.999   $19.40   38.54
Los Angeles, CA:   10460    9.731    $2.239   $21.79   40.31
Needles, CA:       10798    8.385    $2.259   $18.94   35.94
Tusayan, AZ:       11137    9.433    $2.099   $19.80   39.97
Albuquerque, NM:   11551   10.358    $1.699   $17.60   37.13
Amarillo, TX:      11888    9.076    $1.719   $15.60   40.16
Shamrock, TX:      12254    9.113    $1.759   $16.03   39.62   
Joplin, MO:        12654   10.095    $1.589   $16.04   39.26
Pontoon Beach, IL: 13036    9.729    $1.799   $17.50

mpg for a particular tank is the distance travelled on that tank,
divided by the amount of fuel added the next time

* these two numbers are slightly off, since the tank wasn't entirely
filled in Alda, NE