Pete's Log: log statistics

Entry #1044, Wed, June 20, 2001, 17:39 EST (Coding, Hacking, & CS stuff)
(posted when I was 22 years old.)
heheh. So since I wasn't having any luck getting back into the whole coding thing through kernel-level C code, I decided I'd hack on some php instead. The preliminary result amuses me to no end (well, there's likely an end, I've just not found it yet): Log Statistics.

It seems that 21.8% of all log entries are made between midnight and 1 am. And the average length of a log entry is 932 characters, with a standard deviation of 1418. Longest entry: 31902 characters.

suggestions for additional statistics are more than welcome.

oh, and yes, statistics are computed on the fly. So after I add this entry, the values given above will likely no longer match those on the page... =)
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