Pete's Log: Log Entry 108

Entry #108, Sat, October 09, 1999 (Music)
(posted when I was 21 years old.)
just returned from running and such and was playing mp3's (using xmms) and i was reminded of when i used a combo of amp and a shell script i wrote in order to get a good random mp3 thing going on. i was reminded because a particular op ivy song came on that had been somehow "favored" by my randomness generator. it didn't get played at a more frequent interval than other songs, but when it did get played it always got played at least twice in a row, usually three times, and sometimes four times. this was a definitely reproducible behaviour, and i've always meant to look into it, but since then i've updated to a different version of awk (which played the key role in said shell script) that no longer works properly with the script. which is one of the reasons i now use xmms and no longer get to witness some of the quirks of pseudo-randomness... oh well.. peace out.
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