Pete's Log: Weekend in St Louis

Entry #1080, (Travel)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)

Woo! This weekend found me in St Louis, Missouri, hangin' with my buddy George. I had a killer time. Thanks George, you rock!

I departed from SBN at about 13:00 friday afternoon. Traffic on I80 sucked, due to construction I managed to drive only 100 miles in the first 2.5 hours I was on the road. yuck. But I arrived in STL shortly after 20:00. George and I grabbed dinner at Rizzo's, an italian place. The food was excellent. We then spent several hours watching sci-fi channel shows. I wish I got sci-fi at castle point.

Saturday began at the St Louis Bread Factory. Good stuff. We then went downtown and checked out the Arch and the old courthouse. We then hit the St Louis Science Center, which was a lot of fun. We checked out a variety of their little exhibits and then caught a couple shows at their planetarium. The planetarium kicked ass. I asked them how much their projector system cost. 3 to 4 million dollars they said. I guess I'll have to start saving up if I want a planetarium of my own.

Saturday night we went out. George has been hanging out with Helen, a British Au Pair staying in the St Louis area. Helen's sister Louise was visiting her. So we picked the two of them up and then drove into downtown St Louis to the Landing. We hit a few clubs, it was quite fun. One of the places we went was a brewpub, I had their honey wheat beer. I really like unfiltered wheat beers. They're yummy. At some point we ended up back in George's basement, where we hung out and talked about a variety of worthless things. I think I fell asleep about 6, as George and Helen were debating whether whoppers come with mustard on them or not. At some point I awoke, Louise was asleep on the couch, George and Helen had disappeared. So I took out my contacts and went back to sleep.

Sunday, after dropping Helen and Louise off, George and I had an early afternoon breakfast at Denny's. We ate so much food. We then spent the afternoon playing Age of Empires. Dinner was had at a mexican restaurant. 21:00 I departed. I arrived back home at 3. Now I should go to sleep.