Pete's Log: I'm reading too much Tolkien

Entry #1088, Thu, August 23, 2001, 14:22 EST (Random Crap)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)
A storm has been brewing. Long have I felt it in the air ere it ever showed itself on the horizon. Quickly now it is descending upon us: Fall semester is near and students are returning in droves to campus. It began as a slow trickle, a few students returning early. Athletes returned to begin their training. Then RCCs and RAs and other such peoples began moving back onto campus. Apartment complexes near campus have witnessed the intrusion of many a moving van. Quickly parking is becoming less available at Castle Point. Today the full might of the storm hit us for the first time, I believe. Long were the lines of traffic making their way onto campus, and campus is bustling with more activity than I have seen in many a fortnight.

Run not for shelter, say I, for long shall this storm last. Instead, embrace it! Embrace the storm and all that it brings. For now the time is near to go scouting for freshman chicks.
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