Pete's Log: Broncos 31, Giants 20

Entry #1100, Mon, September 10, 2001, 23:40 EST (Sports and Athletics)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)
The first Monday Night NFL game of the 2001 season found the Broncos playing their first game at the new (Invesco Field at) Mile High versus the New York Giants.

So first of all, I gotta say Invesco field looks cool. And I'm happy they kept "Mile High" in the name.

So the Giants should be a pretty good team, seeing how they made it to the super bowl last year. But the Broncos looked pretty good, I think, and just dominated the game for the most part. Terrel Davis was playing again and looking good, he had a 101 yard game. Ed McCaffrey was pretty amazing, but then got nailed while going up for a one handed catch and broke his leg ... but he hung onto the ball. Badass. But it sucks that he's injured.

The replacement refs didn't do too good, they missed quite a few calls and made a few bad ones. But most of the calls went in favor of the Broncos, so they got a little lucky.

The end of the first half was fun. Seven seconds left, the Broncos have Jason Elam attempt a 65 yard field goal. He is tied for the NFL record at 63 yards. So he goes for it, and the kick is long enough, but just barely wide. Too bad, it was an awesome attempt. The Broncos need to give him a few more chances, he's sure to break the record. So with one second left, the Giants decide, hey, we can play this game too, so they try a field goal from the same spot, 63 yards in their direction (which would tie the record) ... but they miss by quite a bit.

It was a fun game. Go Broncos!
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