Pete's Log: sad day

Entry #1102, (Life in General)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)

Today I spent several hours at a blood bank, only to be informed that I am ineligible to donate blood because of the vaccination I got a couple weeks ago. But I can give blood in a couple weeks. Paul, Rob, and Adrienne were all able to give blood, so the journey was not in vain. It was amazing how many people were there to give blood. It was definitely an experience to be in a waiting room full of people eager to give blood, watching coverage of events on the waiting room TV. A shuttle from SMC showed up at the blood bank several times.

There's some kinda crazy gas crisis going on in South Bend. Every gas station we drove by was full of cars, with traffic backed up outside the entrances trying to get in. We heard a variety of people talking about gas prices being up to $5 a gallon already, although the signs we saw at stations all advertised costs under $2. So who knows ...

It's been weird listening to people around South Bend talking about this thing. I've heard a lot of people talking about being worried they're going to get drafted.

I've heard many people describe this as a second Pearl Harbor. I do not think they're far off the mark.