Pete's Log: crazy juniors

Entry #1122, Tue, September 25, 2001, 11:36 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)
Silly juniors. They've been coming by all day, dropping off comp arch assignments. Apparently their professor told them to drop them off at 355N by noon. Well, it seems that nobody in our office is even remotely associated with that class (except maybe Tony, who is taking the class), and we keep telling them that if they turn the homework in here, it is unlikely to make it to the professor or anyone in charge of the class. Well, apparently lacking the ability to think independently, they all say "Well, I was told to drop it off here" and put it on the couch. Somehow I expected that students at Notre Dame would be capable of taking a more proactive role in ensuring their homework gets turned in at the correct place. So we put a note on the door telling them to go away.

I subjected myself to a battery of psychological testing this morning. It was amusing. I'm curious to see what the results are.

Oh, and after sending all those juniors away, we find out Nadir is a TA for the class and he was supposed to collect them, but failed to inform any of us or to be around to collect them. But regardless, the juniors were still being stupid. I'm pretty sure if I was told to drop my homework off elsewhere or risk not getting credit for it, I'd find that elsewhere. Either way, all this has made for an amusing morning ... luckily we knew of a grad student in another office who is a TA for a course and sent all the people we sent away to her, so all should be well.
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