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Entry #1131, Wed, October 03, 2001, 20:12 EST (Coding, Hacking, & CS stuff)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)
programs do not randomly segfault. there must be a race condition in pilsner somewhere. It segfaulted on me under unusual circumstances today, and try as I might, I can't reproduce the segfault. But since the unusual circumstances under which the segfault occured were circumstances I didn't want happening anyway, I simply modified the code to not allow those circumstances.

I've resigned myself to the fact that PIM Lite is going to be slower than an intoxicated walrus. That's just the way it's gonna have to be, and that's ok, since it's a prototype system anyway. So I'll plug away at slow prototype OS code, but I will also focus on the future and attempt to get involved in the ISA design of the real PIM chip in order to ensure it doesn't find itself as crippled as PIM Lite is. The number of system calls that PIM Lite programs will have to make in order to accomplish anything reasonable is going to be absurd.

I'm becoming frustrated with the lack of communication that seems to be going on in our department. My biggest gripe right now is that PIM seems to be a lost soul, wandering through the post-apocalyptic world that the apparent demise of HTMT has left us in. PIM knows it has potential, but without a guiding force to steer it towards a specific goal, PIM is having a tough time figuring out what it wants to be. This irritates me. It's hard to weigh tradeoffs when you have no ultimate motive. But alas, I still enjoy it. Cuz I've got PIM fever!
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large fauna by perk (Wed, October 03, 2001, 20:24)
Intoxicated Walruses? Computing PUmas? Has anyone else noticed that Pete's log has turned into a veritible carnival of large-animal absurdity? Enough Animal Planet, pete!

fauna? by prijks (Wed, October 03, 2001, 20:38)
I think Perk is obviously jealous, and is thus making personal attacks on me. In reply to this, I will simply list things Perk has searched for on my log: "rampant dildos," "vibrator," "sexual," and "erotic," among other things. I rest my case.

pathetic pete by perk (Wed, October 03, 2001, 20:53)
It's true, I may be a bit jealous of pete's drunken walrus fetich, and just like anyone, I not ashamed to admit that I'm always on the lookout for a good "rampant dildo" story -- I'm surprised I didn't find any in Pete's log.

But at least I let my log users browse my log outside the observation of my All Seeing Eye. Yes, pete aka Big Brother has overstepped his bounds. First monitoring our log searches, next inserting cameras in your bathroom stall. Pete is doubleplusungood!

I am Big Brother by prijks (Wed, October 03, 2001, 22:27)
yes, I'll admit it. I am Big Brother. And you know you like it. You enjoy it. But riddle me this: how would I know that you posted a comment if I didn't watch my apache logs? Your insights would be lost to me if I were to cease paying attention to the happenings in apacheland.

it used to be about the people, man... by perk (Wed, October 03, 2001, 22:49)
I don't post comments to Pete's Log for the benefit of Pete. I post to Pete's Log for the benefit of humanity -- for everyone to browse and enjoy. You should read the comments like everyone else, by browsing Pete's Log. Either that, or email out your apache logs to everyone so that we ALL know when users have posted to Pete's Log. I tell ya Pete, you claim to have set up, and I quote, "A free, completely public forum for open discussion among all", but I've noticed that all 1131 entries have been posted by YOU. It used to be about the people, man...