Pete's Log: good weekend

Entry #1137, Sun, October 14, 2001, 17:24 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)
Friday was a good day. I didn't wake up until about 13:30, having stayed up late making waffles the night before. I made some slight changes in the preparation method, and so while the waffles ended up tasting about the same as usual, they were definitely a little softer than normal. I was happy with those results.

Friday evening I prepared dinner for Andy, Cari, Meagan, and myself. I made a chickpea and tomato stew. It turned out decent, though I had expected better, since the recipe had been hyped up a lot. We then went by Cari's for a while before returning to my place to find that Branden, Brian, and Arun had appeared (and been shocked by the cleanliness of the apartment). We then watched "Nothing to Lose" which was amusing, though I quickly realized I'd already seen it.

After the movie most people took off, so Meagan and I ended up hanging out and talking for a long while. Meagan is pretty cool. And her birthday is the same as mine. I finally escorted her back to Farley at about quarter to six in the morning.

Saturday was also a good day. The football game was lots o' fun, and I got soaked. So after that I curled up under a warm blanket for a while, read some Tolkien and drank some green tea. Very nice. Then I headed to a party at Cari's house. I ended up spending most of the night talking to Meagan. We ditched out of the party to go to Nick's Patio some time around three (my first trip to Nick's as a vegan). After a brief return to the party, I dropped Meagan off at Farley sometime after four am.

Lastly, Sunday's been a pretty good day so far. I woke up at about 13:00. Went to campus to play soccer at 14:00. Maig Foley, Tim Brick, and Joe Smith were there. So we kicked the ball around for a while. At about 15:00, three students show up with a group of Croatian and Serbian refugees, and ask if we'd like to play soccer with them. Maig and Tim took off, but Joe and I joined them. It was a really good game. I wore myself out pretty good. I may get to play soccer with these people some more in the future, which would be excellent.

So to summarize, this weekend kicked ass.
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