Pete's Log: Driving Adventure

Entry #1161, Fri, November 16, 2001, 01:58 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)
Weird. So tonight I left fitz feeling somewhat funky for no good reason. Well, one easy way to deal with such a funk is to drive around aimlessly. Or at least that's the case for me, I do so semi-regularly. But this time my drive was eventful enough to be worth recording.

So it started out pretty good, I had a Clash CD for companionship, and I had things to think about. My initial goal was to find out where the Mishawaka exit of the toll road is. So I headed east and kinda pretended like I was looking. But driving around on dark country roads proved to be more fun, so I stuck to that. I enjoy driving with only a general sense of where I am and no idea of where I'm going. So to my surprise I found myself in Elkhart. There I picked a random road and turned south. I had fun being lost on little streets in Elkhart for a while, but eventually found a big road to follow south. I figured I'd run into US 20 eventually and be able to follow that back to South Bend. Well, just as US 20 made itself visible, I saw a sign that said Nappanee 16 miles. So I went that way. It proved to be worth my while. On the way to Nappanee I apparently crossed the continental divide. Twice. I need to figure out what the rivers around here do... Nappanee itself was a cute little town that was completely dead. But in Nappanee I discovered US 6, which was another road from which I knew how to get home. So I headed west on US 6. Shortly afterwards, I almost died. Very suddenly I noticed that a rapidly approaching set of headlights was definitely in my lane and definitely not showing any signs of wanting to leave my lane. So I pulled over in a hurry. It was very surreal. After that I didn't feel too adventurous, so I got to US 31 and made my way home from there.

Miles driven between leaving fitz and getting home: 76.
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