Pete's Log: recent happenings

Entry #1166, Fri, November 23, 2001, 00:58 EST (Life in General)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)
Ack. Let's see. Much has happened that I have yet to record. Since I seem not quite ready to fall asleep yet, I'll write some.

Let's start out with a Happy Thanksgiving to all log readers! Mine was excellent. I hope yours was as well.

So last weekend was interesting. George came into town for the Navy game. He got here around 22:00. We went to a party at Cari's house. I dressed up all punk, because, well, I felt like it. It was an entertaining party. A lot of fencers were there, so George ended up knowing more people than I did. Highlights of the evening for me include eating pickled green beans, butting heads with a guy in a Dropkick Murphys shirt four times (I'm no expert on head butts, but he claimed they were all pretty good), smoking three cigarettes (yuck, what's wrong with me?), jumping into a bush (hedgedive!) with the above Dropkick Murphy guy, dancing with several girls wrapped inside the suspenders I had been wearing, and being given the nickname "Tyger." I talked with various interesting people and danced a bunch too. A fun night, though I felt some premonition of things to come.

Saturday: Navy game. The game was fun, it's always good to end the home season with a (relatively) strong win. Afterwards Arun, Shelece, George and I went to Taste of India (because it's a tradition!). George and I later hit Corby's. At some point we decided we'd go try to see the Leonid meteor shower. It was very foggy in South Bend, so we headed south east to see if we could escape the fog. We had no luck, despite driving for quite a while. But it was an adventure nonetheless.

Sunday started out very lazy. George took off sometime in the afternoon and I eventually wandered to campus. Meagan invited me to go watch the Harry Potter movie, so I went to go hang out with her. She informed me that we're just going to be buddies. I'm pretty cool with that, though. This is probably a better idea in the long term. So we played some air hockey and then saw Harry Potter. It was a very fun movie. The story was fun, the acting quite good, it was funny, and it was visually very pretty.

Monday night I learned that one sign that somebody is a good friend is that he'll get drunk with you if that's what you need.

Tuesday was Adam's 21st birthday and was a fun time. We took him to Corby's and McCormick's. At one point towards the end of the night I maneuvered my way out one window of a moving car and back in through another (into Cari's lap, woo!). Not to worry, though, the car wasn't moving too fast.

Wednesday I got my VLSI midterm back. Yuck. I did not do so well, I made a variety of stupid mistakes (including not reading part of a question, and thus not answering it). So I got the hell away from school and went on my shopping adventure with Mamie. Wednesday night Mamie, Branden, Jeff Stine and I went to see Harry Potter. It was still good the second time.

Today was the best vegan thanksgiving of my life. I woke at about 12:30 and quickly made my way out to pick up Branden and Mamie for food. After getting Mamie from SMC, we were driving north on 933 and I saw Cari walking along the road, so I pulled over and discovered Cari was planning to spend thanksgiving alone. Since this was unacceptable, I forced her to come with us. Branden and I prepared quite the feast. The food was excellent. I ate very much and found myself stuffed beyond comprehension. After the food I returned Cari to her home. Mammie, Branden and I watched A Knight's Tale, which continues to be a wonderful film. We then dropped Mamie off and hit Blockbusters. We picked two movies from the "stupid, amusing, with hot girls" category: Sugar & Spice and Tomcats. They both lived up to the standards I had set for them...
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