Pete's Log: Dear World

Entry #1184, Wed, December 19, 2001, 03:11 EST (Random Crap)
(posted when I was 23 years old.)
Dear Pete, you're nothing but a damned hippie. Love, The World.

Dear World, so what if I am? Love, Pete.

Dear Pete, you say you love everything, but you're far from an idealist. Love, The World.

Dear World, you're far from being an ideal place. Idealism is nonsense. Love, Pete.

Dear Pete, but if I'm not an ideal place, how can you claim to love everything? Love, The World.

Dear World, I claim to love everything, because I've accepted that things are not perfect and that if I want to enjoy the good I'll have to take it along with the bad because I lack the power to separate the two. I can't acknowledge only half of you. Love, Pete.

Dear Pete, are you sure you're not confusing loving everything with accepting everything? Love, The World.

Dear World, I can never be sure of anything, but right now I feel that the life you have given me so far is a good one, and thus I must love my life and love all the factors that add up to make it what it is. Love, Pete.

Dear Pete, don't you find that this attitude makes it more difficult to become passionate about trying to change me, to make me a better place? Love, The World.

Dear World, I am sure it can be argued that an excessively optimistic view of you would cause me to be less concerned about making you a better place. Indeed, I cannot claim to be a great activist. But I would also claim that my view is not excessively optimistic. I already said I was not an idealist. I simply try to live life the best I can, try to be a good person. I'm certain I could do more to improve you, and I feel I try a little harder every day. Just give me time. So while I claim to love you entirely, I don't claim that I don't think you could be made better. Love, Pete.

Dear Pete, I don't see how you can claim to love me entirely if you also feel there are ways I can be improved. Awful things happen, they are part of me. Certainly I would be a better place without them. How can you claim to love me entirely while those things go on while also claiming you would work to remove those things from me. Love, The World.

Dear World, I feel it is possible to know sorrow and still be happy. Loving you is not the same as thinking you are a perfect paradise. Instead, I love you because I am exactly the way I am because you are exactly the way you are. I can love everything about you and still strive to change you. I love the fact that I can aim to cause change. Love, Pete.

Dear Pete, don't you find it somewhat presumptuous to write letters to yourself and sign them "The World"? Love, The World.

Dear World, I find it very presumptuous. It's a lot of fun. Take it easy. Love, Pete.
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