Pete's Log: oops

Entry #1329, (Life in General)
(posted when I was 24 years old.)

At some point Meg and I decided that we would celebrate June 5, 2002 as our anniversary, thinking that was the day I came back from Philadelphia to South Bend. Today we both checked our records and realized that I actually came back on June 6. Oops. There is an advantage to this, though. December 6 is a Friday, which will make it easier to celebrate being together half a year (or, as I roughly estimated, about 2% of my life -- I'm rapidly becoming more of a math geek than ever).

The time has come to seriously investigate hosting options for It just doesn't seem practical at this point to try to keep hosting it myself. Suggestions are welcome. Anybody know much about poe hosting?

There was something else. What was it?

I realized a few days ago for the first time just how old I am. I'm seriously an adult now. This is a healthy realization, even if I like to pretend I'm gonna be twelve forever.

I still can't remember what I wanted to say.

Teaching recurrence relations is no fun. I just have no idea how to make them even remotely interesting. At least with induction, I personally think it's cool and so I can at least enjoy giving the lecture even if students aren't as enthusiastic as I am. Recurrence relations don't excite me much. Can I just skip the rest of this chapter? Strangely, for the first time in my life, I know how to solve nonhomogenous linear differential equations -- I think. I've not actually looked at one in years. Something about nonhomogenous linear recurrence relations somehow clicked something in my brain.

I guess I'm not gonna remember what I wanted so urgently to record here. Such is life. The time is now to make a token effort to be productive.