Pete's Log: ok, this is even stupider

Entry #1431, Sun, February 18, 2007, 23:47 CET (Random Crap)
(posted when I was 28 years old.)

The tables approach worked. My front page now features fvwm-decorated windows. Eventually I might make them movable. Does anybody still use my page as a latex character guide? I remember getting complaints once when I removed them. I'd appreciate links to "" using the link text "latex special character guide" or similar. Because I'm stupid.

Anyway, this is a random entry to boost Sara's post count, since she's disappointed to not have shown up lately. I told her we ought to do something newsworthy, but this is funny, because she'll now think she's being needy or something, which will upset her, and then I can laugh at her.

Move along.

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You're a dork-face! by montypy16 (Sun, February 18, 2007, 19:17)
Hey, I didn't ask for any lame charity post-boosting... You're right that we should do something newsworthy though! We haven't really been that absurd lately... Unless you count how absurdly badly I kicked your ass at scrabble the other day. And then boggle. Hehehe. And I'm so not needy. :-P