Pete's Log: wanna work with me?

Entry #1441, (Work)
(posted when I was 28 years old.)

I just added a "work" topic, which seems a bit late, given that I've been out of school for more than four years now.

Anyway, amasol is hiring again. So if you're in Munich, or know anybody in Munich, or are willing to relocate to Munich, then maybe you could have a look at the job postings. Please note that you'll need to speak fluent German. Also note that I have nothing to do with the hiring process.

The positions available are for a Windows/UNIX systems administrator and for a network management software consultant.

Finally, the contents of this log are my personal opinions and do not represent the opinions of amasol AG. Add in any other standard disclaimers here as necessary. I like the company I work for, but am in no means an official representative. So click on the linky for official details. :)