Pete's Log: Cooking with beer: Schnitzel avec beer gravy et mashed pommes de terre

Entry #1447, Tue, April 10, 2007, 22:08 CEST (Cooking)
(posted when I was 28 years old.)

I got controlled on Tram 18 today. Since moving here, I've been controlled on average about once a month. But now it had been since early February that I was last controlled. That time in February was just after I got my subscription card, which requires me to show ID with it. At the time, I had to show my CO driver's license. Since then I got my Belgian ID, and haven't had a chance to use it yet. So today I got to use it. I'm a big dork for getting a kick out of it.

I've been feeling compelled to write lately. There's nothing incredibly exciting to write about, but I haven't felt as strong a need to write in here in years. And the odd thing is, I'm still not getting around to writing about my Saudi experience. Not because I don't want to, but because I'm still unsure of what will come out when I finally decide to.

My evening: I got home from work shortly after seven. Made a quick trip to the store, picked up some random things and a pork Schnitzel. Came home, cut up half an onion I had in the fridge; started it frying in olive oil. Cut two slices of bacon into cubes, throw those in with the onions. Add the Schnitzel to the pan. Spice it up with salt, pepper, and "herbs de provence."

In parallel, I start water boiling and peel some potatoes. When those are soft, I get rid of the water, add milk and butter, and mash 'em up. I transfer most of the onions and bacon from the pan to the mashed potatoes, then add beer, flour, salt, and pepper to the fat and other remains in the pan. Let that thicken while adding nutmeg, salt and pepper to the potatoes.

The end result was very tasty. I made slightly more than was a good portion for me, so I just stuffed myself. Still need to practice the portioning, I guess. The pork could also have been tenderer, so I guess I either need to buy better pork or figure out tenderizing techniques. But all in all, it wasn't bad for a completely improvised dinner. Especially given I'm still not quite in the cooking groove yet that I had going on in my glory days at Castle Point.

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Glory Days by ajanisze (Wed, April 11, 2007, 12:35)
Well I remember your glory days at Castle Point; men trembled in fear, women quivered with desire. I wept and rent my garments.

Enough of this foreplay, though. Let's DANCE!

speaking of the glory days by prijks (Wed, April 11, 2007, 15:27)
When are you free for a clash/scotch party?

Untitled Comment by ajanisze (Mon, April 16, 2007, 12:07)
This will happen. Like the Pharaohs of old, you have but to utter a wish, and goddesses of the Nile Valley (me, but with arm bracelets????) will make it so.

I dunno, let's me go to Bavaria some time soon. I like this plan!

A good plan indeed by prijks (Wed, April 18, 2007, 04:16)
We can try to incorporate Knödel into our Clash/Scotch tradition!

ö by Nairubi (Wed, April 18, 2007, 08:25)
What a thrill! I didn't even have to turn to the link to figure out the code.