Pete's Log: silly euro

Entry #1535, Fri, October 19, 2007, 15:48 CEST (Random Crap)
(posted when I was 29 years old.)

50 euro bills annoy me. ATMs give them to me all the time, but it happens regularly at stores that cashiers get irritated with me for using a 50 euro bill to pay for a 5 euro purchase.

I have never, in the US, thought "Wow, I wish I had a $50 bill instead of these two twenties and a ten." Also: Dear German stores, please learn to expect 50 euro bills and keep enough cash on hand to deal with them, given how cash-based your economy still is.

On a completely unrelated note, I just came across this solution on how to make a windows batch script pause for a certain number of seconds:

@ping -n x > NUL

Where x is the number of seconds you want to pause. That's pretty sick. But it sums up Windows batch scripting perfectly.

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heh by junodog (Fri, October 19, 2007, 13:40)
at wal-mart I asked for $40 cash-back and it gave me four tens. so ha.

cute... by bbarrett (Mon, October 22, 2007, 00:39)
I remember MS batch scripting.... Ok, next time I'm thinking how much I hate Bourne scripting syntax, I'll remember Pete has it worse :)