Pete's Log: a dream remembered

Entry #1559, (Random Crap)
(posted when I was 29 years old.)

I know I've been having vivid dreams lately, but I don't tend to remember them long after waking. From this one, though, some details remain.

The first part is vague, but I remember being in a subway station in London, which also was a loungy restaurant. I was assisting the manager in some way, and was sent out to obtain something. The only problem was that there was no map of the subway system. Although I did have some computer game style evolving map that grew to include every station I visited so far.

I remember mapping out several stations in the system, then the next thing I remember is being on a highway overpass. There's a staircase down to the ground below, which I descend. At the bottom, I'm disappointed that whatever I'm looking for is not there, so I give up and go back the way I came, but instead of going up the stairs, I start walking up an on-ramp.

I start walking up the left side of the road, but then remember that I'm in England, and should thus be walking on the right side of the road. Then I realize it's a one-way on-ramp, and it really doesn't matter which side I walk on.

That's when the spiders start showing up. At first it's only small webs with small spiders in them, but gradually there start being more webs with larger spiders. I remember there was a staircase, so I turn around to take the stairs up to the overpass instead. But now the way down is full of spiderwebs too, and I'm soon surrounded by spiders and webs.

That's when I wake up and discover that Gandhi is lying right up in my face.

I guess a face full of cat hair can translate into spiderwebs in a dream. Silly cat.