Pete's Log: Liechtenstein!

Entry #1635, (Travel)
(posted when I was 30 years old.)

Tony's sister is in town. When I got home from work on Friday, I was immediately asked if I had any plans for the weekend. I didn't, and they proposed a road trip to Liechtenstein, because what easier way to see four countries in a day?

So Saturday morning Tony, Megan, Tony's sister Andrea, and I departed for Liechtenstein. The trip began well, with the battery in Tony's car dead. But we got a jump and were on the road with only a slight delay.

We encountered a bit of Stau on the way, but eventually made it to Liechtenstein by way of Austria and Switzerland. We stopped first at the hostel in Schaan, but it was too early to check in. So we drove to Vaduz instead. Our first stop was the castle there. It's not accessible to the public, so we just wandered around the outside some.

We then wandered around central Vaduz. It's a spanky city. It is quite apparent that Liechtenstein is wealthy. We also took a little tour around town on a "train". We ate dinner at a mini golf place and watched the local kids at the nearby skate park. What made that particulary awesome is that there were far more kids on unicycles there than on skateboards.

We drove back to Munich this morning.

Anyway: countrycount++