Pete's Log: Herbstdult in Regensburg

Entry #1736, (Travel)
(posted when I was 33 years old.)

Our friend Megan recently move from Munich to Regensburg and invited us to come visit. So this past Saturday, Tony and I made the trip. Since Megan was actually in Munich last week, she met us at Hauptbahnhof in the morning and we trained up to Regensburg, getting there about noon. We first walked over to her apartment, which is near the Danube. There she changed into a Dirndl. Tony and I were already wearing Lederhosen.

Once we were all trachted up, we made our way along the Danube to the Wurstkuchl, the oldest bratwurst restaurant in the world. Had a beer and some sausages and enjoyed sitting by the Danube. Afterwards we wandered around the city for a while, then stopped by Apotheke, a bar that offered good people watching. We then bought a selection of different beers from the area and found a nice spot to sit by the Danube. The weather was perfect, so it made for a nice afternoon.

We then met up with Megan's flatmate and headed over to the Dult, which is Regensburg's biannual folk festival. We grabbed a table in one of the two tents. The atmosphere was great and several more of Megan's friends joined us. It was a good warmup for Oktoberfest, and the beers were a couple euro cheaper than Wiesnbier.

Tony and I caught the last train back to Munich, which left Regensburg at 10:44. We were home by 1 am. All in all a fun little day trip. Regensburg is a cute city and the weather was perfect.