Pete's Log: Chicago!

Entry #1742, (Travel)
(posted when I was 33 years old.)

I traveled to Chicago for George and Stacy's wedding last weekend. It was a great trip.

I flew out of Munich on Wednesday the 12th. I was feeling a bit sick, but the airport pharmacy sold me some stuff that made the flight bearable. A group of about twenty German exchange students headed for Iowa was seated all around me, but that just made for extra entertainment. Passport control and customs were no problem and I got into the city by about 6 pm.

Met up with Annie and we headed to Marge's Still. Meg, Buzz and George stopped by and I managed to stay awake and with it until 9 or so. We then headed to Annie's place where we finished the night up with buffalo piss and unpacking the goodies I brought her.

Annie had to work on Thursday, so I mostly chilled and did my own thing. But I got to grab dinner with her and then see a Comedy Sportz show she was in. So that was awesome.

The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner were on Friday. Luckily I realized that I am supposed to be doing the second reading, and George had sent me the text for the gospel reading. So I guess this is why you rehearse things. The dinner was good, but I was still jet lagged.

Saturday was the wedding. It was a great ceremony, with a very Chicago Catholic priest. Like, imagine Mike Ditka as a priest. After the mass, the wedding party were off to do some picture taking, so Brian and I found a bar to watch some football while we waited for the reception. The reception was great fun, since I got to see a number of ND people: Arun, Shelece, Perk, Anne, Joe and Pat were all there.

Sunday I mostly chilled with Annie, then we had dinner with David and Bob, Lisa and Laurel. After dinner we played a game of racehorse rummy.

Monday was already my last day. Met up with Emily for lunch. Did some last minute shopping. Caught the train out to O'Hare. Flew home. It was a quick trip. But a lot of fun. Annie and I drank buffalo piss most evenings and also made it through a couple Disney movies. I also had a number of good American microbrews.

Good times...