Pete's Log: recent amusements

Entry #1744, (Life in General)
(posted when I was 33 years old.)

I discovered recently and purchased Rollercoaster Tycoon. It's nostalgiariffic.

I also bought Portal 2. It took me about 10-11 hours to play through single player mode, versus 3-4 hours for Portal 1. It's fun. This (don't click if you plan to play the game but haven't yet) is the only part I couldn't get past. I tried probably 20 times. But I swear that white wall in the distance did not appear in the game until after I cheated and watched the video.

It's funny that the philosopher to face off against mashy spike plate is Aristotle, since that is the philosopher being featured in the episodes of the history of philosophy podcast that I am currently listening to. It's a great podcast for when I go to bed, since it is interesting to listen to when I can't sleep, but doesn't keep me up if I am tired. My favorite part about the podcast is the random connections my brain makes listening to it while falling asleep.

Last night, for example, he was discussing Aristotelian logic and how Aristotle apparently believed any premise was false if any object therein did not exist. And I thought "just like how Oracle deals with NULL values!"

The weekend before last, Mamie and I attended Mord in Giesing with a few other friends. It was amusing, except I decided the obvious answer must be wrong, since it was so obvious. In the first bar we were at, we found the clue "Ingolf hit the murder victim over the head" and so I thought, that clue is too blatant, it couldn't have been Ingolf. But no, it was Ingolf.