Pete's Log: May 2015

Entry #1793, (Life in General)
(posted when I was 36 years old.)

We had a busy May, and I did a bad job of keeping records. I'm going to try to recap.

On May 6 I got to attend one day of the Microsoft Ignite conference here in Chicago. I saw a few interesting presentations (mostly on SharePoint) and also picked up a bit of swag, of which my favorite piece was a Red Hat hat. I never would have guessed I'd pick up a Red Hat anything at a Microsoft conference.

On May 15, Jamie and I flew out to New York to see Branden and Susie get married. It was a really nice wedding and also fun to see a bunch of people. Yay Branden and Susie!

We took the Amtrak back from New York, which was a fun experience. We had a roomette, and really nice views of the Hudson between New York and Albany.

Sadly, that weekend Uncle Richard passed away. So the next weekend we flew out to Crested Butte for the funeral. Jamie got to meet lots of family, and it was nice to see them all, although the circumstances were sad.

May ended with me buying a new bike, Murder-Check, a custom built Surly Cross-Check. An excellent bike.