Pete's Log: My nemesis train

Entry #1816, (Random Crap)
(posted when I was 39 years old.)

For the most part, I love Metra. I really do. Most mornings, I ride the 8:35 UP-North train out of Ogilvie. It generally departs on track 13. I'm used to swimming against the stream of incoming commuters as I make my way to my outbound train, but it used to be that it became calm once I made it to the platform. No longer.

Now there is a train that arrives on track 14 around 8:27 or so. Now the shared platform is packed with unloading commuters as I want to get to my train. Most days I'll wait for most of them to clear out before I even try to get to my train. But some days I get there early...

Just early enough that I arrive as the nemesis train is pulling in. I can hear its bell and know it's go time. Pick up my pace. Walk down the platform as it's pulling in. Make it to onto my train before the nemesis opens its doors. I always feel a great sense of victory when this happens. The struggle continues.