Pete's Log: Mystery Space

Entry #2061, (Homeownership, Random Crap)
(posted when I was 43 years old.)

There's some space in our house that's unaccounted for and I've been pondering it for the past few months.

Outline of mystery space in house

Beneath it is our coat closet (the ceiling is only a couple inches above the door) and above it is the attic. Two sides are open to our entry way and one side abuts the linen closet in the hallway (visible on the right side of the picture). The fourth side abuts the closet in our bedroom.

The heating vent to our bedroom runs near there, but I don't think it actually runs through there. And even if it does, it would only use a small bit of that space. Plus with the coat closet underneath it, I can't imagine anything major running through it from below.

So what's in there? Jamie suggested drilling a subtle hole from inside one of the closets where it won't be visible. Maybe I will some day.