Pete's Log: Vibe Check

Entry #2431, (Life in General)
(posted when I was 45 years old.)

On Sunday, 22 days after subscribing to Kagi, I hit the 300 search limit included in the $5/month plan. So I have upgraded to the $10/month plan for unlimited searches as I continue to evaluate.

I have a lot of search engine thoughts and not much time to put into writing them down or do the testing I want to do. Someday maybe. There's more to it than just Kagi. and wiby are among the alternatives on my radar lately, although they don't meet the criteria of being a "daily driver" search engine.

Since I haven't switched my phone browser away from Safari yet, DuckDuckGo is still the default search engine on my phone. And so I can say that Kagi's results are often better than DuckDuckGo's, since now when DuckDuckGo doesn't deliver, I switch to Kagi instead of to Google.

Bubbles hasn't adjusted to the time change yet. She was sleeping past 6 am before the clocks switched, but now reliably wakes us up at 5 am. Most mornings I let her out for a potty break, then lay down on the couch with her for another hour or so.

My brain feels real full again. It's been about a year since my tab purge on my phone. I managed to keep the tab count low for a long time after that, but somehow in the past couple months it's ballooned to over 100 tabs again. And Firefox on my desktop, which I normally keep relatively uncluttered, is also somehow at 70+ open tabs.

JB and I have been playing a lot of Candyland the past few days. She's learning to be gracious in defeat, which feels real wholesome. Humility in victory still needs a little work, but that's OK. Her excitement is endearing.

Jamie keeps me grounded. Our inside jokes still make us laugh, even though some of them are nearly a decade old.

My playlist of music acquired in 2023 exceeds 16 hours in length, with a month and a half still left in the year. This pleases me. To contrast, the equivalent 2022 playlist clocked in at just 4 hours.